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Sri Lanka 8 Nights 9 Days Package: Splendid Sri Lanka

  • Bentota
  • Kandy
  • Negombo
  • Nuwara Eliya
  • Sigiriya
  • Meals
  • Sightseeing
  • Car / Van
  • 3-5 Star Hotel

9 Days Sri Lanka Tour Packages Itinerary

Looking for 9 days Sri Lanka tour packages? Experience nine days in the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka. Pick one of our 9 days Sri Lanka tour packages and experience the island of myths and legends.

The island of the mythical kingdom of Lanka, once upon a time created by heavenly sculptor Vishwakarma for Lord Kubera, a Hindu god.

Land of such enchanting natural beauty to be a deserving gift for the Lord of Wealth.

Explore the island once upon a time ruled by the fearsome ten-headed king Ravana, and where many of the events of Ramayana took place. Where princess Sitha was held in captivity, from which her husband Lord Rama saved her.

Explore the natural beauties that took eons to be created. Crystal clear azure waters where colorful marine wildlife peacefully dances the dance of life.

Miles and miles long golden beaches, lined with lush green foliage. Beaches from which you can everyday watch the sun gently disappearing in the flame-colored waters off the western shores.

The tall mountains that rise high above the clouds, with emerald-green slopes and forests filled with the chirpy songs of the birds and murmuring of the streams and rivulets.

The majestic waterfalls over which rivers slope carrying gems to the lowlands.

Experience the rich cultural heritage of the land to which saffron-robed monks brought their philosophy of the noble eightfold path and mindfulness of the world more than two millennia ago, and where they wrote the words of their wisdom for the very first time.

Land built by ancient stonemasons whose creations for centuries and centuries is withstanding the wind and rain, and the passage of time; to testify of their skill and their knowledge of working with stone.

But also experience the land of exquisite cuisine that has developed as a fusion of many influences, from neighboring India to the faraway lands of the European continent and the Arabian Peninsula.

Sample the spicy and rich vegetable curries in the jungle villages, or fresh seafood dishes at the beach restaurants. Taste the food that will not just nourish your body, but your soul too.

In one word, embark on a 9 days Sri Lanka tour packages of a lifetime with T2 Travels Sri Lanka.