Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

We are so sure that many of you wondering at the moment about what is the best time to visit Sri Lanka.

Best time to visit may give different implications that might connect the few areas of weather conditions, holidays, festivals, best places to visit and package costs etc.

We have listed here some ideas for your reference so that it will easy for you to decide what time that you must plan your most awaited trip.

Sri Lanka in January

Adams peak

January is concerning as one of the high seasons in Sri Lanka, where it attracts many tourists who is still in holiday spirits to celebrate the best of their post-Christmas and new year revels.

The weather on January is extremely comforting, dry and soothing and ready to console your stay with dry wind that keep your vibes chill.

If you are planning to travel north east area a little bit of rainy days can be expected from here and there, yet don’t worry at all as it will not ruin your holiday plans.

The temperature of the island is also ok, while the north east areas are a little bit hotter. The hotel cost normally still following the winter rates that are a bit expensive than summer days yet they are lesser in rate compared to the high peak of Christmas and New Year days.

Best time to visit the most famous Adams peak and you can also enjoy exciting whales watching at Mirissaas well.

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Sri Lanka in February


February is also featuring dry and comforting weather condition that is pleasing the tourists in every corner of the island. The days are clear and the winds are soothing most of the time.

February is a good month to visit the dry zone in Sri Lanka as still the weather is not as hot as you will the comforting wind keep hugging you throughout the time.

The hotel costs are still base on winter rates, and following the Chinese new year  many Chinese, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore nationalities travel to Sri Lanka to enjoy their holidays.

You can visit Adams peak and also can enjoy whales watching at Mirissa on February.

Sri Lanka in March


March also offers you a pleasing weather condition to travel across the country. And hotel rates are getting lower by March though they are a little bit more expensive compared to summer days.

Most tourists travel Sri Lanka to enjoy the fascinating southern coastal line as from April onwards the rains may start. There is no much celebrations in March so it offer a pensive stay for the travelers.

Sri Lanka in April


April is a special month to travel in Sri Lanka for few reasons. A quite bright and sunny month to enjoy a perfect holiday. As it is a little bit hotter month it would be better if you start up your adventurous activities earliest possible.

Northern part of the island rain can be a little bit expected in evening hours. The traditional local celebration of Sinhala and Hindu New Year make the island a little bit festive and busy throughout the month.

Hotel rates get further low as we are coming to end of the winter high peak season. And Adams’ peak visiting season and Mirissa whales watching season end from here.

Sri Lanka in May


Here where the summer season is officially starting. Everywhere you look around are sunny and live. Summer rates at hotels are lower than the winter rates.

The days are normally clear and bright, yet sudden shower can be expected sometimes.

The beach area are normally more warm and bright while the mountain areas keep your vibes chill and cold.

The colorful Wesak festival will be held in the island this centered this month that will amaze your night out walk as you will love to see plenty of colorful lanterns, pandols everywhere in the island.

Sri Lanka in June


The weather is warm and dry to travel around. Especially the northern area of the island are a little bit hotter than the other part of the island.

Usually monsoon rains are expected May to September in Sri Lanka, yet it doesn’t mean that all of these months are raining as there are passing clouds most of the time. Hotel rates are much fairer when it comes to June season.

Sri Lanka in July


The weather condition in the island quite similar to June in the month of July as well. Heavy showers can be a little more expected in central part of the countries especially those with highlands.

The south west region in Sri Lanka get a little bit cool compared to May. The most famous dainty festive of EsalaPerahera will be held by July or August month. Depending on this festive season some hotel especially the hotels based in Kandy get a little bit more expensive.

Sri Lanka in August


In the month of August rains can be expected time to time. Still the month is bright and sunny. The central highland area’s temperature gets further low and the northern and east region the temperature get higher.

The most famous dainty festive of EsalaPerahera will be held by July or August month. Depending on this festive season some hotels especially the hotels based in Kandy get a little bit more expensive.

Sri Lanka in September


The second rainy season in Sri Lanka may begin by September. Due to the low season hotel rates more tourists prefer to visit Sri Lanka during this time.

The temperature of the island still a little bit higher, yet this condition is varied from region to region luckily that will not affect your tour plans.

Sri Lanka in October


The rainy season starts in this month aiming the south and west regions of the island. During the heavy shower timing it is not so recommended to swim in coastal side.

The central northern area where the most famous cultural triangle is located the area is a bit dry and sunny. So even during the grey days you have chance to enjoy the paradise island.

Usually the hotel rates at the lowest cost compared to the other timing of the year.

Sri Lanka in November


The winter season starts for the travels and the hotel rates get a little bit higher in most hotels. Considering the weather usually heavy rains can be expected during this month yet this might be change on time to time.

Sri Lanka in December


The month start with the higher season for tourists those who come for holidays and celebrations. The pilgrimage season for Adam’s peak start by December. Rains can be expected at northeastern part of the island.

Temperature of the island get cooler and soothing and hotel rates are at the higher side considering the high occupancy.

Generally Sri Lanka is a country with a tropical weather condition, therefore throughout the year this beautiful island is giving the greenlight for tourists to visit Sri Lanka and explore its significant beauty.

Due to the passing clouds the monsoon timings are most of the time unpredictable so as once you travel from destination to destination you may learn about the fact that the climate and the geographical conditions are varied whereas you may surprisingly find some part of the country are presenting dry weather condition while the other part of the island is affecting by rain.

T2 Travels Sri Lanka is ready to make your tour a happening one throughout the year, and we will be assisting you in finding best places to cover and the highlights that you must cover for the particular month.

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