Sri Lanka Holiday Packages from South Africa

Plan your holiday to the exotic island and enjoy the best deals on your Sri Lanka holiday packages from South Africa. Sri Lanka is all about non-stop sunshine, cheery smiles and great hospitality.

Enjoy the historical monuments, cultural sites, wildlife and amazing food that this beautiful island offers.

T2 Travels Sri Lanka offer comprehensive tour packages for long and short stays in sunny Lanka.

Sri Lanka Holiday Packages from South Africa Option 1 (7 days)

Day 1 & 2 – Ella


On your first two days of the tour we will take you to one of the most scenic villages in the country – Ella. The serene hamlet of Ella is nestled in the Central highlands of Sri Lanka.

Ella was once known as a calm and quiet village that’s filled with greenery. Today, it has become a tourist magnet and a backpacker’s paradise.

Out of the many things you can do in Ella, the hike to Little Adam’s peak tops the list. Om the Ella town it takes around one hour to get to the top of the mountain. The hike passes magnificent views of the village and tea plantations.

The Nine Arch Bridge in Ella is one of the top places to see. Located on the same direction of the Little Adam’s Peak, it’s a beautiful piece of architecture.

You need to pass lush green tea plantations to enjoy the beauty of this magnificent bridge.

You can take a day trip to the Lipton Seat in Haputale. The route to reach the Lipton Seat is mind-blowing. You get endless stretch of tea plantations and the smiling faces for the famous female tea pluckers hard at work.

Lipton Seat is the spot where Mr. Lipton planted the first tea tree in Sri Lanka. On sunny days, it’ll be refreshing to escape the afternoon heat at the Ravana Fall.

It’s a quick drive from the Ella town and you can easily take a dip. Make sure not to get into the water during the monsoon season since the water flow is too strong.

Tip – Check out the outdoor bars and restaurants after the sundown.

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Day 3 & 4 – Nuwara Eliya

nuwara eliya

After two days in Ella, your next stop is the cool comforts of Nuwara Eliya. Fondly known as the Little England of Sri Lanka due to the cooler climate, atmosphere and architecture of the town, Nuwara Eliya is a world of its own.

Start your day by visiting one of the many tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya. At the tea factory you will be taken through the process of making tealeaves. You will also be served a cup of hot Ceylon tea.

On your second day in Nuwara Eliya, rise early and head to the Horton Plains National Park. You can visit the famous Baker’s waterfall while you are there.

The Horton Plains plateau comes to an end and this spot is called the ‘World’s End’. It’s a very unique place with diverse landscapes, rich wilderness and excellent hiking trails.

Apart from the endemic flora you will see wild animals such as elk, stag and pretty little butterflies. Horton Plains is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the evenings many people love to chill around the Gregory Lake. You can go on swan boats or jet skiing. You can enjoy the food served at the restaurants around the lake area.

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Day 5 – Yala


On the fifth day of the Sri Lanka holiday packages from South Africa, you can go wild in Yala!

A four-hour drive from Nuwara Eliya will take you to the Yala National Park. Yala is amongst the oldest and the most famous National Parks in the country. Sri Lanka’s biological diversity is one of its assets.

Wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers have a chance to explore the country’s pristine wildlife. Yala national park boasts to be among the top leopard spotting sites in the world.

The best time to start your safari is in the morning or late afternoon. Early mornings around 5 am are the ideal time since that’s when the animals wake up too.

You need to enter the park through the entrance of Tissamaharama. There are safari jeeps parked around the park and you can discuss the rates with them. Generally, a guide will also be on board or the driver will play the role of the guide too.

There is an entrance payment for which you are issued a ticket. Yala safari takes up to 3 hours. The best time to start your safari is in the morning or late afternoon.

During a safari, you will be able to sight various wild animals. But if you are interested in sighting a specific animal you can go on specific safaris.

However, this doesn’t mean you won’t see other animals just that you have a chance of seeing the animal you want to!

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Day 6 & 7 – Bentota


On your last days in Sri Lanka head over to the southern coast!

Bentota is spread along the south west coast of Sri Lanka. Well known for its golden sandy beaches shaded with palm trees, it is one of the most famous beach holiday towns in the country. Bentota will be a refreshing change after the last five days.

There are several beaches in Bentota including the Ventura beach and Moragalla Beach but informally everything is called Bentota Beach.

The beauty of the beach here is that it runs along the Bentota lagoon. Unless you go during peak season, you would find the beaches almost deserted.

Bentota is a town with clusters of hotels so during long weekends you get locals coming here for a short break.

In Bentota the watersports are not only in the ocean but also in the river.

Jet Skiing – Hop on a motorbike and head out to the Indian Ocean or the river Bentota. Speeding across the waves or the calm waters of Bentara is truly an exhilarating experience.

The sharp twists and turns of the jet skiing makes it more interesting, however this may require a bit of navigation experience. If speeding is not in your blood then simply jet ski at your own pace.

Kayaking – Bentota has the best tropical surrounding of a world-class kayaking environment.

Paddling on a kayak is the ideal way to discover the lagoons, swamps and canals of Bentota You can unwind and soak up the sun at the beautiful Bentota beach while sipping your favourite cocktails.

Try the seafood dishes since you get some of the freshest seafood been served at the restaurants.

From Bentota you can go sightseeing to the Galpatha Viharaya, visit a turtle hatchery, and explore the Brief Garden.

Sri Lanka Holiday Packages from South Africa Option 2 (9 Days)

Day 1 – Negombo


Start you Sri Lanka holiday packages from South Africa in Negombo, a fishing village located within minutes from the airport in Katunayake.

Located within a short drive from the city of Colombo it gives one a chance to experience the ultimate Lankan holiday. From religious shrines to waterways and remains of the colonial times, Negombo has something for every traveller.

Sri Lanka is blessed with pleasant weather almost all throughout the year however if you are looking for prolonged sunshine during your holiday then travel during January to April.

Negombo beaches are rarely crowded so you’ll be able to enjoy the seclusion.

The Negombo fish market is the second biggest in the country. Referred to as the ‘Lellama’ in local tongue it is a place that one should visit to get a feel of the Negombo way of living.

Since a majority of the residents in Negombo are fishermen or fishmongers by profession, this gives you a chance to understand their way of living. A word of warning though – it’s going to stink of fish!

Majority of Lankans living in Negombo are Roman Catholics and Christians. You will notice plenty of churches in the area out of which St. Mary’s Church take prominence.

It is a sacred house of god where thousands of people go to pray each year. One of the biggest churches in Sri Lanka, it has a history that dates back to 140 years. St. Mary’s Church is popular not only for its religious value but also for the architecture it highlights.

Step in to see this amazing house of God.

Day 2 – Sigiriya


Sigiriya is without a doubt the most visited landmark in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya or Lion Rock is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is one of the best-preserved ancient monuments there is to date.

To start your climb, first start by purchasing a ticket. While you are at the ticket counter, drop into the Sigiriya museum in the same location. To reach the top, you need to climb a little more than 1200 steps.

The climb usually takes up to 45 minutes or even shorter if its less crowded and according to your fitness level. To complete the excursion set aside 2-3 hours. The best time to start climbing is late afternoon or early morning.

Make sure to avoid climbing in the afternoon unless you want to be hot, sweaty and sunburned.

Day 3 & 4 – Trincomalee


While many tour packages include Sigiriya and Dambulla together, we wanted to give you something different. This is why we want to head straight to Trincomalee after exploring Sigiriya.

Trincomalee is a beach town in the east coast of Sri Lanka. The powdery white sand beaches, hilltops, wildlife and religious monuments are all part of the Trincomalee experience.

The beaches in Trincomalee are ideal for diving specially Nilaveli. The diving season in Trincomalee is between April and October. You can go wreck Diving or explore coral reefs and be mesmerized by the abundance of marine life.

Famous diving spots in Trincomalee

Swami rock
Eel Rock
Pigeon Rock

The palm-fringed beaches of Trincomalee are a spectacle. The most famous beaches are -Nilaveli and Uppuveli. The white sandy beach against the turquoise waters of Uppuveli is magnificent.

There are plenty of opportunities for swimming, surfing, diving and whale watching in Uppuveli beach.

Nilaveli beach is pure bliss. You can enjoy swim, soak the sun, play a game of beach volleyball or simply be mesmerized by it’s pristine beauty. You can take a boat ride from Nilaveli beach to the Pigeon Island National Park.

One of the top sites to visit in Trincomalee is the Koneswaram Temple. Perched atop a cliff inside Fort Fredrick this Hindu Temple is dedicated to the deity ‘Shiva’.

Designed using Dravidian architecture, it is a wonderful place for seeking solace.

The temple is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and views from above are breathtaking. On route to the temple, you can stop at the famous lovers’ leap.

Day 5 – Dambulla


After two days of sun, sand and sea you can head back to Dambulla, another historical magnificence of Sri Lanka.

Dambulla is a lush green village that is renowned for the Dambulla Cave Temple. According to archeological finding the Buddha images had been created more than two thousand years ago.

Dambulla Cave Temple is thought to have been a place of worship since the 1st century BC. Over the centuries various kings have contributed to enhance the beauty of the temple.

The temple is one of the best-preserved ancient sites in the country.

To enter the temple, you need to purchase a ticket. The climb is fairly easy but avoid early afternoons to make it a comfortable experience.

Keep an eye out for the wild monkeys around the temple. If you are carrying food or flowers (there are flower vendors at the entrance), make sure to wrap them properly and keep inside a bag in not the monkeys WILL jump at it.

When you hike down after exploring the Dambulla Cave Temple you will come to see the Golden Buddha statue. It’s a gigantic statue and it is plated with real gold.

The golden Buddha a statue sits above a museum that has a few artifacts related to Buddha.

Many people think of only the Cave Temple when they talk of Dambulla but there’s much more to this village. For your next stop head over to the Jathika Namal Uyana.

It’s a small nature reserve home to South Asia’s biggest rose quartz mountain. You also get a massive ironwood forest here.

Day 6 & 7 – Kandy


After a day of exploring in Dambulla, your next stop is a very special city in Sri Lanka – KANDY.

Considered the cultural capital of the country, Kandy is home to a list of amazing things to do and places to visit. Built around a lake, the city of Kandy is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is considered one of the most sacred cities amongst Buddhist around the world due to the Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the tooth) that houses the tooth relics of Buddha.

Start your trip to Kandy from the Temple of the tooth. As mentioned the temple is renowned in the Buddhist world since Buddha’s tooth relics have been safely protected here for many centuries.

Built during the 16th century the temple has undergone various renovations over the years.

The sacred tooth relics are kept inside a golden casket and you will only be able to see the casket if you go during the pooja (prayer and offering) times. The temple has beautiful architecture and religious monuments so its must see.

The central highland of Sri Lanka contributes to a high percentage of the tea production in the country and this includes Kandy. A short drive from Kandy will take you to a tea plantation.

You will be able to see the process of making tealeaves from the plucking of tea to the packaging! Enjoy a cuppa steaming Ceylon tea before you leave.

The Peradeniya Botanical Garden is another highlight in Kandy. Attracting millions of visitors annually it is home to four thousand species of plants. The orchid patches, spice garden, palm tree pathways are the popular sites.

One of the best nighttime entertainments in Kandy are the Kandyan dance performances. These dance acts include traditional dancing, drumming, acrobats and pirouettes as well as a climatic fire walking performance.

Day 8 & 9 – Colombo


On your final day of the Sri Lanka holiday packages from South Africa, we are taking you to Colombo!
The commercial capital and the biggest city in Sri Lanka, Colombo offers one of kind experiences.

One day is not enough to enjoy the little things about the city, however you can enjoy a few simple pleasures.

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