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Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Bangalore

Travel to the wonder of Asia with Sri Lanka tour packages from Bangalore to make your dream holiday a reality. Your tour in Sri Lanka will cover the aquamarine beaches, lush greenery, exciting wildlife, world heritage sites, murmuring rivers, and delectable cuisine.

Srilanka tour package from Bangalore will explore the rich culture, history, and heritage as well as the modern experiences of this exotic island.

Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Bangalore Option 1 (6 Days)

Day 1 – Kandy


Kandy the cultural capital of Sri Lanka is the best city to begin your holiday in the ‘land like no other’. The last ancient capital in the country, Kandy is considered the sacred protector of Sri Lanka as it is home to the Temple of the Tooth (the sacred tooth relic of Buddha). The historic city of Kandy was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

Sri Dalada Maligawa or Temple of the Tooth is the highlight of Kandy. It is one of the most sacred places of worship for Buddhists from around the world. The temple houses the sacred tooth relic of Buddha, which was brought to Sri Lanka after his death.

The Temple of the Tooth is located in the heart of the Kandy city. The Tooth relic is safely guarded inside a shrine room where visitors are only given a chance to go three times a day during pooja (offering and prayer) time. The tooth relics are kept inside a golden casket and you will only see the casket. There is much to see around the temple so expect to spend at least 2 hours here.

Tip – Make sure to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and are up to your knees.

Just outside of Kandy is the Peradeniya Botanical Garden. It was once used exclusively for the royal family members but during the 18th century, it was open to the public.

The botanical garden holds onto its grandeur and is still fit for royalty. It’s a massive garden with the famous orchid patches, rubber trees, coconut palms, and much more. In the evening a stroll around the Kandy Lake will set the mood for the next excursion.

The Kandyan dance performances are a great cultural experience. Kandyan dance includes not only dancing but also acrobats, drumming, and pirouettes. The performance ends with the dancers walking on fire, barefoot!

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Day 2 – Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

Your next stop in the Srilanka tour package from Bangalore is Nuwara Eliya. There are two options to travel from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya when you are on a tight schedule – by train or in a private car.

Many people take the train ride since it’s considered one of the most scenic routes in the world and we agree with them. The lush green tea plantations enveloped around rolling hills are quite a spectacle. A drive would of course be faster and more comfortable but the scenery would not be the same.

When nearing Nuwara Eliya, the first thing you will notice is the change in weather. It’s no wonder the city is referred to as Little England with the freezing weather and colonial-style buildings speckled everywhere.

You can start by visiting one of the many tea plantations. They will give you a tour of the plantation and take you through the process, which goes into creating a cup of Ceylon tea. You will be served free tea too!

The cascading waterfalls are another highlight of Nuwara Eliya. There are many waterfalls here but you can pick and choose which ones you prefer to visit. Ramboda Falls, Lover’s leap, Devon Falls, and Glen falls are a few of the main ones you can visit. In the evening have fun at Gregory Lake.

Enjoy simple water activities such as jet skiing and swan boat rides on Gregory Lake. The area around the lake has a lovely patch of greenery, which is ideal to ride bicycles, run, play or have a picnic. Head back to your hotel, snuggle up and unwind!

Day 3 – Ella


Ella, the quaint little village nestled in the Central Highlands has become a ‘must visit’ in the Sri Lanka itinerary. Once a simple and quiet village that stood out for its natural beauty and lush greenery has now become a backpacker’s paradise. There will not be changes in the weather from Nuwara Eliya to Ella but you will feel more relaxed and it’s far less chaotic than Kandy.

Ella has some great outdoor adventures. The hike to Little Adam’s Peak is one of them. Since you don’t have enough time to hike Adam’s Peak, this is the next best thing! Start your hike before sunrise and it takes up to 30 – 40 minutes to reach the summit. Once you are at the top, you can wait for the sunrise and yes it’s – breathtaking!

The Nine Arch Bridge is another highlight of Ella. The rail bridge, which is made of cement and stone without the use of steel, is a lovely piece of architecture. When you walk on top of the arches, you will be met with spectacular views of the mountain peaks and tea plantations.

There are plenty of chic cafes serving mouthwatering western dishes and toe-tapping music playing in the background. Ella has a bustling strip of bars and restaurants down the main road. Some places have live music and they serve some super cocktails.

Tip – Try the local beer!

Day 4 – Mirissa


The next destination on your Sri Lanka tour packages from Bangalore is a wonderful coastal getaway. Mirissa is one of the top beach destinations in Sri Lanka. Mirrisa has everything you need for a beachside retreat – amazing beaches, whale watching, surf waves, and great restaurants and bars.

Shhh…It’s a secret. The Secret Beach is a tiny secluded beach, which is not so much a secret anymore. Since reaching the beach is a difficult path, not many people go there. Watching the sunset from the Secret beach is a lovely experience in Mirissa. To reach the beach you will need to take a 10-minute walk since the path is too steep for vehicles to travel.

Whale watching is one of the best things to do in Mirissa. Sri Lanka is one of the top places in the world to spot the blue whale. The whale-watching season runs through November to April. Mirissa beach is ideal for new surfers. The waves are great and there’s a very little crowd.

October to March is the best time for surfing. Beach bums are going to love snorkeling at turtle bay. The ocean here is quite shallow. If you reach there early you might be lucky enough to snorkel with turtles.

Mirissa has a range of restaurants. Try out the local food especially items such as pol roti, hoppers, and kottu with ravishing seafood dishes. The local spices have a refreshing aroma and taste so – do try them!

Day 5 – Unawatuna


It takes less than one hour to travel from Mirissa to Unawatuna by car. Unawatuna is one of the most touristic locations in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. It is well known for the beautiful beaches and you can enjoy the activities and sightseeing around the town.

Beach it! Always start with the good things about a place and Unawatuna beach is awesome. The best place to swim in Unawatuna beach is to the south where there are fewer people and boats. If you prefer to soak up the sun then order yummy cocktails and seafood delights from the beachside restaurants and enjoy.

In the afternoon take a stroll to the Japanese peace pagoda. The Peace Pagoda in Unawatuna is a Buddhist stupa in Sri Lanka built to promote peace to people of all communities. Serving as a beacon of peace for people of all nationalities, the white bell-shaped structure surrounded by gold-painted statues exemplifies its purpose.

If you’ve got FOMO then the rope swing at Wijaya beach or Dalawella beach is a must. The rope swing in Unawatuna that went viral on Instagram is a #mustdo since its heaps of fun! If you go during sunset the pictures are sure to come out #awesome

Day 6 – Colombo


Colombo is the final destination on your Srilanka tour package from Bangalore. Sri Lanka’s commercial capital Colombo is a mishmash of everything. A blend of history, culture, skyscrapers, shopping, and good cuisine it’s a city that has something for everyone. Since you have only one day to enjoy Colombo, you can nitpick the things you like to do from our list.

Take a city tour

The red open deck double-decker takes you on a Colombo City Tour to enjoy the charm of the city. You can hop on board and enjoy the 2-hour ride with narration.

Enjoy the art scene

The National Museum has some great ancient paintings, sketches, and sculptures. Some of which dates back to 4 century BC. Colombo also has some contemporary art galleries from experienced local artists to budding painters.

Visit temples

In Colombo, the most prominent and the most easily accessible temples are the Gangaramaya temple and the Seema Malakaya. They are located close to each other so if you have the time it’s well worth a visit.

Last-minute shopping

Colombo has plenty of shopping opportunities. From budget-friendly clothing stored to plush shopping malls – Colombo has it all. You might be able to grab some good deals on designer brands if you travel during the discount season.

Enjoy the local food

Sri Lanka some super street food and you will never find them on the streets of Bangalore. You MUST try the Kottu, hoppers, and string hoppers!

Srilanka Tour Package from Bangalore Option 2 (4 Days)

If you are looking for a short vacation try the T2 Travels Sri Lanka tour packages from Bangalore for 4 days.

Day 1 – Sigiriya


We will amaze you with Sri Lanka’s beautiful historic masterpiece Sigiriya on the first day of your tour!

Sigiriya is probably the most visited tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. Little can prepare you for the experience of Sigiriya, the majestic rock citadel of ancient Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is best visited in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun goes down.

If you plan to climb in the afternoon be ready to be sweaty and exhausted when you get down. Aptly referred by locals as the eighth world wonder, this historical palace and citadel have significant archeological features. Sigiriya was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982.


King Kashyapa built Sigiriya, his palace and fortress in the shape of a colossal lion during his reign in 477 – 495 BC. Unfortunately, the king was defeated during a battle and the palace fell into ruins. It was then used as a Buddhist monastery but was later abandoned again. Sigiriya has a distinct combination of urban planning arts, water engineering, and horticulture, which is far beyond its time.

Sigiriya Museum

The museum is located outside the main entrance and the best time to go there is before you start the climb. You get interesting details of the fortress as well as a variety of photographs of Sigiriya. The entrance ticket includes the tour to the museum as well so don’t miss it!

Opening hours: 7 am – 5 pm

Tickets: Everyone needs to purchase a ticket to enter, the rates for locals and visitors from SAARC countries are lower than for others.

Duration– It takes up to 2- 3 hours to climb and descend.

Day 2 – Yala


Go wild on your second day of the Srilanka tour package from Bangalore, in the Yala National Park.

Yala National Park is among the oldest and the most popular wildlife parks in Sri Lanka. Yala National Park has been recorded to have the highest densities of leopards in the world and you can look forward to getting a glimpse of this majestic mammal during your visit.

About Yala National Park

Covering approximately 1,300 square kilometers it is home to a range of unique ecosystems. The park is separated into five blocks. To preserve the natural habitat for wild animals, only two blocks are open to the public.

Animals you may encounter during a safari

You can be sure to see herds of elephants at any time of the year. Crocodiles, monkeys, buffaloes, sloth bears, and the highlight of the park are the elusive leopards! There are plenty of bird watching opportunities too.

Yala National Park Safari

Safari jeeps are parked outside the national park we will organize the tour for you. The park allows vehicles at 6 am and 2 pm and the mornings are considered the best time to go. The safari takes up to 4 hours. You need to purchase an entrance ticket.

Day 3 – Bentota


After a wild day in Yala, your next stop is the beach town of Bentota in the southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Bentota is a tourism jewel on the south coast. It has been a tourism hotspot for years and is one of the most visited towns in the area.

Bentota is a coastal town ideal to enjoy the sea breeze, watersports and soak up the sun! If you enjoy watersports you must know that Sri Lanka’s coastal belt is blessed with consistently moderate to strong winds that are nearly perfect for windsurfing.

Bentota is truly a windsurfer’s paradise in the south of the country. The best part about windsurfing in Bentota is that beginners can start in the tranquil waters of the Bentota River.

Banana boating is one water activity that the whole family can enjoy, together! The boat, which resembles a banana, is attached to a motorboat, and 6 – 8 people can ride on one of these at a time.

Brief Garden

A short drive towards the south will take you to the house, which once belonged to Bevis Bawa, brother of the world-famous architect Geoffrey Bawa. The house is referred to as the Brief Garden and is well known for its eccentric and elaborate landscape. The owner Bevis Bawa was a landscapist and you find pretty unconventional artwork and statues turned out from wood and cement in the garden.

Kande Viharaya

The Kande Viharaya is a Buddhist temple located in Aluthgama close to Bentota. Complete with all the essential components of a Buddhist temple it is considered a highly sacred place. The temple was constructed in 1734, and to date, it receives veneration from devotees around the world.

Day 4 – Colombo & Negombo


On your final day in Sri Lanka tour packages from Bangalore, spend your time in Colombo and Negombo. You can explore Colombo and then head over to Negombo, which is a town close to the Bandaranaike International Airport.

Since you are short on time, we picked a few things to do in Negombo during your time there.

Visit the Old Dutch Fort

Dating back to the colonial era the Old Dutch Fort was built on a pentagonal shape. However, do not expect to see an elaborate Dutch fort similar to the one in Galle since there is very little left of the once majestic fortress here. Today the remains of the fort are part of the prison in Negombo.

Visit St. Mary’s Church

Negombo is known as ‘Little Rome’ for the simple reason that almost 99 percent of residents being Catholics. St. Mary’s church is the most popular church in the area and one of the biggest attractions in the country.

The church, which dates back to 140 years, is famous for the beautiful architecture and the intricate religious depictions painted across the ceiling. Overall the church is very grand and the ceiling paintings are one of the highlights.

Enjoy fresh seafood

You can munch on some mouthwatering seafood dishes during your last day in Sri Lanka. Since Negombo is a fishing town you can enjoy fresh seafood meals.

T2 Travels Sri Lanka offer customised Sri Lanka packages to suit your budget and requirement so drop us a message to get more info!

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