Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Coimbatore

Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Coimbatore

Are you looking for Sri Lanka tour packages from Coimbatore? Then we have the best options. Being so closely located it’s a pity if you haven’t already explored your neighbouring country so here’s your chance.

Sri Lanka is blessed with so many natural wonders including beaches, distinct bio-diversity as well as a rich history, heritage, culture, and traces of colonial architecture.

Mouthwatering food and friendly locals are an added benefit to the tour.

Our tour packages are designed to offer visitors a distinct experience wherever they go in the country. We go with a tried and tested method so that visitors can enjoy tours hassle-free.

At T2 Travels Sri Lanka goal is to show the world the unique beauty of Sri Lanka so that it is recognised as the true Wonder of Asia.

Why visit Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka was number one in Lonely Planet’s top countries to visit in 2019. Sri Lanka has always been a popular touristic destination but in recent years the numbers have doubled.

The simple reason is that Sri Lanka has managed to remain less touristy compared to other South Asian regions and has moved forward to suit the current trends of travellers.

Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Coimbatore Option – 01 (3 Days)

Day 1 – Kandy


After a warm welcome from our T2 Travels Sri Lanka staff member, we will start the tour from the Airport in Katunayake to one of the most charming cities in the hill country – Kandy.

Kandy, the hill capital of Sri Lanka is part of the cultural triangle, which consists of the three cities – Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Kandy.

These are the strongest ancient Sinhala kingdoms of the country and Kandy was the last monarchy to succumb to the British in 1815.

It is the second biggest city in the country and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located between rolling tea fields and lush rainforests Kandy is well known for sheltering the sacred tooth relic of Buddha.

It is also the home of botanical gardens, temples, and a beautiful lake that envelops the city.

Along with its old-world charm, Kandy also has a flourishing food scene with restaurants serving authentic ‘Kandyan’ dishes.

There’s plenty of shopping options in the city where you find trendy shopping centres and departmental stores.

Temple of the Tooth

The sacred Temple of the Tooth is located in the heart of the city overlooking the serene lake that is called the ‘sea of milk’.

There is daily pooja (prayers and offering) at the temple where the sacred relic is taken out of its chamber for worship.

The sacred relic is kept safely in a golden casket and is never taken out. During pooja time the room is filled with devotees carrying flowers, drumming, and other rituals.

If you go outside of the pooja time you can admire the art and craft, various Buddha statues, and the lavish gold roofs of the temple.

Botanical Gardens

There are two beautiful botanical gardens to travel from Kandy – Peradeniya Botanical Garden and Hakgala Botanical Garden. Peradeniya is a short 16-minute drive from the city.

You can visit the Hakgala Gardens on the way to NuwaraEliya since it’s a few hours away from Kandy. But both of these botanical gardens are worth checking out.

Traditional artistry

Kandy is one of the main cities that promote traditional woodcarving. It’s an interesting experience to visit a local carpentry factory. You will get a chance to see the intricate art and craft of Kandyan artistry.

Most of the wood products are handmade so the value is more than machine-made items. You can grab some traditional wooden ornaments, keytags and other trinkets to take as souvenirs or gifts.

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Day 2 – Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

After a busy day of exploring Kandy, we take you to the heart of Sri Lanka’s hill country – NuwaraEliya!

Visit a tea plantation

NuwaraEliya is sprawling with rolling hills clad with lush green tea plantations. So why not start by exploring one! You can walk through the beautiful emerald tea fields then head into the tea factory for a guided tour.

You will be able to learn about the history of Ceylon tea and the process that goes into making one of the best teas in the world.

The best part is that you will be served a warm cup of Ceylon tea at the end of the tour.

Sri Bhaktha Hanuman Temple

The Sri Bhaktha Hanuman Temple is an important Hindu temple in Ramboda area 40km from NuwaraEliya. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is part of the Ramayana trail in Sri Lanka.

According to the Ramayana, Lord Hanuman has come in search of Queen Sita in the Ramboda hills.

Today, there is a 40 feet high statue of Lord Hanuman at the temple. It is believed that King Rama gathered his forces against Ravana from this area.

Cascading waterfalls

NuwaraEliya is blessed with so many beautiful waterfalls. After going to the Sri Bhaktha Hanuman Temple, can stop and admire the stunningly beautiful Ramboda falls.

Don’t worry if you miss this since NuwaraEliya has so many other waterfalls including Lover’s Leap, Glenn Falls, Baker’s Falls, St. Clair’s Falls, and Ravana Falls to name a few.

Strawberry picking

The cool weather in NuwaraEliya makes it perfect to grow fruits and veggies that are not too common in tropical regions. Strawberries are one of those fruits that grow in NuwaraEliya.

The best part is visitors can go to these farms for strawberry picking (and indulging).

Gregory Lake

Located close to the NuwaraEliya town, Gregory Lake is surrounded by a park that has pony rides and food stalls. You can take swan boat rides or go jet skiing on the lake.

Only children should go on pony back rides since the weight of adults will be too much for these petite animals.

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Day 3 – Bentota


After two days in the hill country, your next stop on the Sri Lanka tour packages from Coimbatore will be the south coast. Bentota is a resort town that is loved by local and international travellers.

It’s conveniently located, the beaches are gorgeous and there are great watersports.

Try windsurfing!

The southwest coast of Sri Lanka is a windsurfer’s haven. The palm fringed beaches, the surf breaks, waves and the glistening waters brings an exciting experience.

Beginners can make use of the Bentota lagoon to learn the ropes of the sport. They can start at the rover and then get into a smooth transion to enjoy stronger waves.

Go bananas!

This is one activity you can enjoy whether you are nine or ninety! This is a great way to spend time with your family.

The banana shaped boat that can hold up to 6 or more people are attached to a motorboat that swooshes forward in full speed.

You will be wearing life jackets so safety is not a problem for the young or the young at heart.

Discover the quirks of the Brief Garden

Brief Garden is the masterpiece created by the talented Bevis Bawa brother of one of the most celebrated architects in Asia, Geoffrey Bawa.

The lush, unrestrained greenery spills down from all sides of the garden. BeveisBawa was known to his eccentricities and he didn’t hold anything back when he created this dazzle of greenery.

The garden along with the sculptures and statues displayed are quite a sight!

Pay homage at the Galapata Viharaya

Lying close to river Banthara,GalpathaViharaya is an ancient Buddhist temple. There are four temples on route, which are believed to have belonged in one massive complex consisting of five temples, which includes GalpathaViharaya.

Built during 250BC during the Polonnaruwa kingdom, the temple rose to recognition since the tooth relic of ArahatMahaKashyapa was enshrined here.

Visit a turtle conservation center

The turtle hatcher in Koggala located within a short distance from Bentota is a great experience for the whole family. Sri Lanka is one of the top breeding grounds for sea turtles.

Over the years marine turtles come to the shores of Koggala beach to lay their eggs. Due to human involvement the egg mortality started rising and as a result the turtle conservation projects started as ‘turtle hatcheries’.

They are run by well meaning people who are trying to help conserve marine turtles and eggs. When you visit the hatchery you will notice there are strict guidelines as to not disturb the turtle babies.

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Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Coimbatore Option – 02 (5 Days)

Day 1 – Sigiriya


After a warm welcome from our T2 Travels Sri Lanka staff member, we will start the tour from the Airport in Katunayake to one of the most visited sites in the country – Sigiriya.

On the first day, you have a chance to visit not one but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka.

Rangiri Dambulu Viharaya (Dambulla Cave Temple)

On the way to Sigiriya there is an inevitable stopover, which is the famous Dambulla Cave Temple. A UNESCO World Heritage Site the temple came into existence after King Valagamba took refuge in the cave to hide from his enemies.

Later he turned the caves into a Buddhist temple. Dating back to the 3rd century BC, the five caves house an elaborate number of Buddha statues and sculptures.

The walls and ceiling are adorned with murals depicting Buddhism and Sinhala Buddhist culture in Sri Lanka.


Sigiriya will be your second UNESCO World Heritage Site for the day. It is a rock fortress built between 477-495 AD.

The Sigiriya Rock is for everyone whether you are a history buff, culture vulture, art lover, adventure junkie or simply loves great views.

Things to see in Sigiriya

– Boulder Gardens

– Mirror wall

– Water gardens

– Frescos of Sigiriya damsels

– Picturesque view once you reach the summit.

The best time to start the climb is in the late afternoon. There are close to 1300 steps and it takes around two hours to get to the top and return.

Don’t forget to take a tour of the Sigiriya Museum since the entrance ticket covers that as well.

Tips to climb Sigiriya

– Make sure to wear comfortable footwear and light clothes.

– The climb is not as exhausting as it looks. You will notice many elderly people climbing. Go at your own pace.

– Carry water to keep yourself hydrated.

– Do stretching exercises after the climb, this will prevent you from getting sore muscles the next day.

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Day 2 – Ella


Ella is a village nestled in the misty mountains of the hill country. Imagine a place where time has slowed down and an abundance of waterfalls, greenery, hills, and a unique way of life conspire to keep it that way, and you would have imagined Ella in its element.

Ella is one of the most mysterious places in Sri Lanka. At a glance, no one would believe this quaint village is an adventurer’s mecca, a backpacker haven, and a place that single-handedly attracts travellers to the country!


The trek to Little Adam’s Peak is very popular in Ella. If you love chasing sunsets then don’t miss this trail.

You take a scenic route passing tea fields and dense jungle to get to the top and watch the sunset from the Ella Gap.

Nine Arch Bridge

The Nine Arch Bridge is a hundred-year-old rail bridge that is constructed with stone and cement without the support of any steel. Snapshots of this unique bridge created quite a buzz on Instagram.

Capturing a moment with the iconic blue train running on the background is considered the epic Instagram moment! Go check out the frenzy, it’s totally worth it. Don’t forget to click some pics!

Ravana Falls

The Ravana Falls is part of the Ramayana trail in Sri Lanka. The multi-leveled waterfall on the main road is a majour tourist spot. However, it’s not crazily crowded since people don’t hang around for long.

There are little eateries and vendors selling knickknacks in this area. Try the mango or pineapple pickles or freshly boiled corn kernels.

There is a story related to the Ramaya behind the Ravana Falls, which our guides will happily relate to you.

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Day 3 – Mirrissa


Mirissa is a cozy little town that lets guests enjoy the sea breeze from its beautiful beige beach and gently remind them to abandon their stress and simply enjoy a quiet beach holiday.

The highlight of Mirissa is whale and dolphin watching. Whale watching season in Mirissa starts in December and draws to a close in April.

If you travel out of the season then don’t be disheartened since Mirissa has much more in store for beach bums.

While snorkeling and swimming are the usual must do’s in the southern tip, Mirissahas something a bit more than the ordinary.

Expect to enjoy jet skiing, wind surfing, canoeing, sailing, and deep-sea fishing when you head to Mirissa.

One of the most popular things visitors enjoy in Mirissa is simply relaxing at the beach or pool. Make the most of your tropical holiday and take the time to relax while sipping coco-nutty cocktails or relishing the best seafood in town.

Sit back, relax, and let your day slip by on the palm-fringed beaches of Mirissa.

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Day 4 – Galle


During the final days of Sri Lanka tour packages from Coimbatore, we want you to experience one of the most impressive cities in the country – Galle!

Enclosed by the Indian Ocean the city of Galle is a perfect example of the varying beauty of Sri Lanka. The Dutch fort and the fishing harbourreflects the quaint beauty of a port town.

As you wander further in, the scenery puts on a greener aspect. Woodlands with an abundance of biodiversity and small towns full of activity adds to the charm.

Galle Fort is the most popular attraction in the city however it remains less crowded and pedestrian-friendly. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Fort’s colonial architecture from the Dutch era can still be seen.

The cobble-stoned streets are a delight to tread and are furnished with chic restaurants, fancy lifestyle boutiques, trendy coffee houses, and eccentric architecture.

The Galle Light House, Galle National Museum, Dutch Reform Church, All Saints Anglican Church are all located in close vicinity of the Galle Fort.


Some of the best beaches in Sri Lanka are located in the Galle district and not within the city. There are plenty of beaches that you can reach within minutes from the city of Galle.

-Bentota beach

-Hikkaduwa beach

-Jungle beach

-Koggala beach

-Unawatuna beach

-Ahungalla beach


Sri Lanka is a tropical country so if you are travelling toward the beaches always opt for light clothing.

Make sure to take plenty of sunscreen and sunburn treatment creams may come in handy in case you miss a spot.

Of course you’ll need bathing suits as well as sunglasses and hats to protect you from the strong sunlight.

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Day 5 – Colombo


On your final day of the Sri Lanka tour packages from Coimbatore, we take you to the melting pot of cultures – Colombo.

The vibrant, bustling commercial hub of Sri Lanka is a fascinating mélange of cultural diversity, commercial activity, prestige, and the old and the new.

Colombo offers a bit of shopping for branded items and exquisite ethnic curios as well as club hopping and a chance to indulge in exotic dishes at many restaurants in and around the city.

National Museum

Located in the heart of the city, the National Museum is built during the 18th century. A sacred Buddha statue greets you at the entrance to the country’s premier cultural institute.

The galleries display artifacts of all manner from statues, art and carvings from Sri Lanka’s past. Paraphernalia reminiscing the colonial period such as swords and weaponry are also displayed here.

In one part of the museum you are met with ancient vestiges from the Kandy and Anuradhapura kingdoms.

You can gather a wealth of knowledge about Sri Lanka from the museum and it is probably the only place in the country to do so in one place.

You need to purchase a ticket to enter the museum and the opening hours are 9am – 6pm.


SeemaMalaka is a Buddhist temple that is completely unexpected amidst the hustle and bustle of Colombo.

The small temple is built on the Beira Lake connected from a wooden deck from the edge of the lake to the entrance.

Half way on the wooden platform you are greeted by a Buddha statue and then near the entrance is a small Bodhi tree before leading to the temple.

Designed by the famed Sri Lankan Architect Geoffrey Bawa, it is mostly used as a meditation centre.

Gangaramaya Temple

Gangaramaya is the most visited temple in Colombo. It’s a short walk from the SeemaMalaka and you must actually start with Gangaramaya since the tickets are to be purchased from here.

The temple dates back to more than a century and host one of the most vibrant perahera (procession) in the country. VenHikkaduwe Sri SumangalaNayakaThero established the temple.

The temple is very elaborate and there is a collection of Buddha statues of various sizes.

Independence Square and Museum

After Sri Lanka attained independence from the British in 1948, a year later the Independence Memorial Square was erected.

A patch of lush greenery surrounds the square built to celebrate the country’s independence.The memorial aptly reflects freedom since it’s a place you can run around and play freely, cycle or jog to your heart’s content.

The independence museum is located in the basement of the memorial hall. It’s a small museum that is dedicated to celebrate Sri Lanka’s fallen heroes that created the movement to gain independence from the colonials.

Many visitors go to the Independence Square but miss a visit to the museum.

Tips when travelling in Sri Lanka

-Wear comfortable cotton clothing, carry sunscreen and sunglasses.

-Mosquito repellent will be useful.

-Be mindful of your clothes when visiting Buddhist temples.

-You are expected to remove footwear when entering temples so wear ones that are easy to take off.

-Try local food, you won’t regret it!

-Ask for permission before taking pictures.

-Remember that smoking in public places is prohibited so be mindful.

-Keep yourself hydrated all the time.

When the Sri Lanka tour package from Coimbatore, comes to an end you will surely want to come back for more.

If you are looking for tailor-made Sri Lanka packages that suit your budget then drop us a message. T2 Travels Sri Lanka is committed to offer out clients the best experience during their time in Sri Lanka.

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