Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages From Mumbai

Looking for Sri Lanka honeymoon packages from Mumbai? Sri Lanka is full romantic sights and ventures to adulate your idealistic diaries. If you are planning your honeymoon trip from Mumbai there are so many reasons to select Sri Lanka for the numerous pluses it offers you.

Tick off Sri Lanka for your “happy every after celebrations” and we will guide you for how to plan your days by presenting you few insights to make it unforgettable.

Check which one is your favorite.

Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages From Mumbai

Option 1 (6 days)

Day 1 – Sigiriya


A late citadel celebrated for romance like nowhere else in the world. Sigiriya is undeniably a quixotic retreat that has a lot to offer your days. Sunrise and sunset are the best scenic moments to capture the majestic palace and its allures.

Sigiriya rock fortress is a major attraction centered on Sigiriya. you will be astonished by its amazing view. Also is a restful sanctuary to track hand in hand.

The remaining frescoes of the female portraits are very romantic, and you will be surely amazed by many more wonders that cover archeological significances, architectural and fascinating constructions. The most celebrated mirror wall is also lovely to capture which is full of romantic poems.

Highlights in Sigiriya

  1. Track the Sigiriya Rock fortress
  2. Visit Pidurangala and seize the best viewpoint
  3. Enjoy a wildlife safari at Minneriya
  4. Don’t miss out Dambulla cave temple
  5. Explore the village tour

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Day 2 – Kandy


The regal destination situated at the heart of the paradise island is none other than Kandy. The soothing climate and the scenic landscapes offer you a heavenly setup to celebrate your love.

Kandy is deliberately producing dynamic experiences for its travelers. It’s a romantic city full of sceneries. It gracefully serves enormous historical, cultural, and natural values to everyone who would love to explore this mesmerizing city. There are quite a lot to see in this city.

Highlights in Kandy

  1. Get the blessings from Sri Daladha Maligawa, the world celebrated temple that shelters the tooth relic of Lord Buddha.
  2. Admire the excellent patterns and graphic work are innovated in Ambekke temple wood carving.
  3. Visit the Royal Botanical garden for a picture session.
  4. Enjoy the cultural evening, where the traditional Sri Lankan dances and music wait to relish your day.

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Day 3 – NuwaraEliya

nuwara eliya

A renowned destination in Sri Lanka for numerous natural fantasies. NuwaraEliya is full of picturesque scenes for your wedding album. Wherever your pace, this scenic city will soothe your mind and body.

Knowing as the “Little England” NuwaraEliya produces a fairy tale set up with its extensive tea plantations, spectacular waterfalls, lush mountain ranges, vegetable, and fruits plants, and many more.

The only shrine in the world which has been devoted to Seetha Devi is also an eminent location that is centering NuwaraEliya and is blessing its pilgrims throughout the year.

NuwaraEliya is a chilling city that you may feel a day or two is not enough to satisfy your romance.

Highlights in Nuwaraeliya

  1. Enjoy romantic waterfalls, and tea plantations visit
  2. Get the blessing from Sri Bhakta Hanuman temple and Seetha Devi temple
  3. Haggala Botanical garden is a picture-perfect place for a romantic picture session.
  4. Walk in the Gregory lake park on a fine evening.

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Day 4 – Ella


One of the leading romantic and adventurous destinations worth spending a day or two. You will discover plenty of romantic trails that will lead you to a scenic view or an awe-inspiring waterway.

Ella is not a tourist destination that is compacted and congested with so many tourists. Thus you have the peace and serenity that you always looked for to spend your moments with your most favorite person in the world.

There are a lot more that make Ella a green retreat. During your stay, you should not miss out to visit tea plantations and trekking the celebrated heights of Ella gap or mini Adam’s peak.

Highlights in Ella

  1. Enjoy one of the scenic train rides in the world, which is from NanuOya (NuwaraEliya) to Ella
  2. Admire the viewpoints of 9 Arch Bridge, mini Adam’s peak, Ella Rock, and Ella gap.
  3. Explore thrilling zipline experience at Ella
  4. Get the best shots of the scenic waterfalls

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Day 5 – Bentota


The ideal spot where sun, sand, sea, and love meet. Proximity wise this fascinating beach location is not so far away from the commercial capital Colombo and the Bandaranaike International Airport.

Bentota is very much celebrated among tourists for golden beaches, cozy hotels, and mouthwatering dishes.

Highlights in Bentota

  1. Enjoy exciting water activities and water sports at Bentota
  2. Float on Madhu river and admire the mangrove complexes and the nesting birds on a fine evening
  3. Try out the joyful fish foot therapy which is very much healthy for your mind and body.
  4. Walk hand in hand in the evening when the sun is fading in the sky.

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Day 6 – Colombo


Colombo is none other than the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. Famed for delicious food and shopping stations Colombo is ready to offer you a dynamic holiday experience for your romantic diaries.

Highlights in Colombo

  1. Proceed with Colombo City tour
  2. Enjoy getting the best from the shopping tour
  3. Try out mouthwatering food in your romantic dinner session
  4. Enjoy nightlife in Colombo

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Option 2 (4 days)

Day 1 – Negombo


Negombo is a beautiful beach destination located from a convenient distance from the Bandaranaike International Airport Colombo. Being a stylish city Negombo is a tourist location in Sri Lanka that has a lot to offer you.

In 20 minutes, you can reach Negombo and you can have a good relaxation before proceeding with your most awaited holiday.

Highlights in Negombo

  1. Visit the famous Brown’s beach
  2. Join to discover the colonial historical values resemble in old Dutch constructions
  3. Try out the best seafood dishes prepared in Negambo
  4. Spot the perfect sunset moments at the famous Negambo beach

Day 2 – Trincomalee


The most fascinating beach spot that adores the east coastal line of Sri Lanka. It is all about the never-ending turquoise beaches, colorful cultural elements, and historic values. The crystal layers of pristine shores produce a fine framework and a margin to greenly lands and compelling beaches.

Proximity wise Trinco is located a bit far away, yet you will never regret visiting here during your romantic journey.

Highlights in Negombo

  1. Get amazed from Uppuveli beach point.
  2. Discover historic values in scenic Fort Fedrick and Koneshwaram temple
  3. Enjoy the hot water wells
  4. Relish the best-known watersports in Trico

Day 3 – Yala


A bit of wildlife explore that you can add to your romantic ventures. Knowing as one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, Yala is the best spot to capture the best shots of endemic flora and fauna collection in Sri Lanka.

Highlights in Yala

  1. Get the best from your safari session
  2. Discover the best scenic points in Kirinda beach for your romantic album.
  3. Try out a relishing camping session.

Day 4 – Galle


Finding yourself with your better half in one of the colorful ports in the world would indeed be very much mesmerizing. Galle is ready to offer a peaceful beach retreat to your honeymoon.

Anybody who visits this stylish city would fall in love with Galle for the riveting geographical and cultural features it adds to the scene.

Galle is also celebrated as the finest wedding photography spot in Sri Lanka. If you are looking for a bewitching backdrop to your happy every after album, Galle is the place that you should not miss out on.

Highlights in Galle

  1. Enjoy the unforgettable Galle city tour
  2. Taste mouthwatering authentic Sri Lankan seafood dishes.
  3. Visit Rumassala temple to relish fine sunset moments.

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