Sri Lanka In April: 5 Best Places To Visit in 2021

Planning holiday to Sri Lanka in April? Sri Lanka, a tropical paradise island situated just a few scores of kilometers from the southern tip of India. Place of lush nature, rich culture, and history which goes back several millennia.

Just like almost any other place in the world, your visit to Sri Lanka, and experience of it, is influenced by weather and its seasons.

Some times of the year offer a more pleasant experience in some parts of the country. While in other parts of the country you might be absolutely miserable during the same part of the year, just like visiting Scottish highlands in November or Rome in August.

Sri Lanka’s weather is influenced through the year by both northeastern and southwestern monsoons.

Between the middle of April till September southwestern monsoon, also known as Yala, is bringing heavy rains to the southern shore and highlands of central Sri Lanka.

From November to March the northeastern monsoon called Maha is bringing wet weather to the northeastern coast and inland area. Some years this monsoon exerts its influence on the northeast coast even in April.

So, if you are planning to visit Sri Lanka in April, what regions and placer are offering the most pleasant experience? In short, the Cultural Triangle.

The central region encompassing three historic capital cities, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy; where some of the oldest and most important cultural monuments of the Sinhala civilization are located.

But some other areas are also worth visiting during this time of the year.

Without further ado here is the list of five best places to visit in Sri Lanka in April.

5 Best Places To Visit in Sri Lanka in April 2021

Yala National Park


Yala is one of the two oldest and the largest national park in Sri Lanka. Very popular among visitors to the island, and has a tendency to get a bit overcrowded during the months of December, January, July, August, and September.

But April is arguably the best month to visit it and enjoy the rich wildlife of this national park with low crowds and pleasant weather.

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The ancient city that was the capital of Sinhalese Kingdom from the 4th century BC until the 11th century AD.

Today it is one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. With archeological evidence showing continuous habitation since the 10th century BC.

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The city is best known for the Golden Temple of Dambulla, a Buddhist cave temple complex dating back to the 1st century BC.

It is also known for the Ibbankatuwa prehistoric graves from 7th century BC, which is the evidence of the existence of developed civilization on the island long before the arrival of Buddhism to Sri Lanka.

Near the city of Dambulla is the ancient fortress of Sigiriya. The citadel built on top of a 200 meters high rock which dominates the plains that surround it, was built in the 5th century AD.

The citadel and rock are surrounded by monumental gardens, that feature water pools and fountains supplied with water by underground channels, of which many are still functional.

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The ancient city that was established as a capital by the Chola dynasty in the 10th century AD, at the start of a period during which Hinduism flourished in Sri Lanka.

Built on arid plains, the city is surrounded by many man-made reservoirs, of which the most magnificent is Parakrama Samudra. This shallow reservoir, which name means the Sea of King Parakrama, is a system of five interconnected reservoirs.

Oldest of them is the Topa Wewa, which was built in the late 4th century AD.

Today, besides their original function of supplying water for paddy fields during the dry season, these reservoirs provide feeding and watering grounds for wild elephants inhabiting northwestern parts of Sri Lanka.

Wilpattu National Park


Along with the Yala National Park, Wilpattu is one of the two oldest national parks in Sri Lanka, and the second-largest per area. It got its name from more than a hundred lakes (willu) which are located in it.

It is home to many endemic species of flora and fauna, it is one of the places every nature lover must visit at least once in their lifetime. Check our guide on how to get from Colombo airport to Wilpattu National Park.

When visiting a country any traveler must be aware of the weather patterns and its local peculiarities when planning their itinerary. Or to consult an expert. If they wish to spend their trip in as pleasant as possible atmosphere of exploring new places and relaxation.

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