Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Kolkata

Are you looking for Sri Lanka tour packages from Kolkata? Then you’ve come to the right place! We offer you well-planned travel packages that are tried and tested.

We come up with Sri Lanka tour packages that give visitors the best experience during their stay in Sri Lanka.

We cover UNESCO World Heritage Sites, gorgeous beaches, the wildest wildlife, and everything beautiful about Sri Lanka during our tours.

Here we cover a summary of what you can expect when traversing your neighboring island with us!

Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Kolkata Option – 01 (5 Days)

Day 1 – Colombo


The multicultural Colombo is the gateway to the wonder of Asia – Sri Lanka. It is a city of contrasts among high-rise buildings, top-class hotels enriched with colonial heritage, religious monuments, and sprawling gardens.

The melting pot of cultures, Colombo is iconic for the congregation of Buddhist temples, churches, mosques, and Hindu shrines to be located on the same street.

Foodies are going to love Colombo’s mouthwatering food scene, eat like a local, and see how its taste even better.

The city offers a plethora of exciting experiences and sights to see. Whizz through the busy streets on a tuk-tuk and relish mouthwatering cuisine overlooking the glistening Indian Ocean in the heart of the city.

Take a shopping escapade at the high-end malls, eccentric lifestyle boutiques, and be mesmerized by the local art scene.

Enjoy a refreshing cup of Ceylon tea with a relishing platter of ‘short-eats’ that you’ve never tasted before.

Sri Lanka’s commercial capital, Colombo is loved by travel frenzy nomads from all parts of the world. Come experience the best of Sri Lanka’s city life right here in Colombo.

There is no better place to kick-start your tour than in Colombo. Here are our top picks to discover the city,

Take a walking tour of the vibrant city of Fort and Pettah

Discover shopping bazaars bustling with people and shops selling everything under the sun. The colourful streets of Pettah are where you can find WHATEVER you need.

In the Fort area, you get high-rise buildings and swanky office blocks but hidden among these are glimpses of colonial architecture, which you cannot miss! You can also take a Colombo city tour by car or bus to save more time.

Enjoy some ice-cold Ceylon tea or Lion Beer at the Dutch hospital precinct. This is the oldest building in the city now transformed into a shopping complex

Explore the Gangaramaya Temple and SimamalakayaViharaya

Both of these Buddhist temples are located close to each other. Featuring a mix of modern and ancient architecture the temples are a must-see for visitors.

Savour the street food

Tantalise your tastebuds with Colombo’s array of street food. From fiery KottuRotti to simple string hoppers and interesting hoppers – your choices are varied.

Explore the Colombo Museum

One of the best ways to learn about the country’s history and culture is to visit the Colombo Museum.

Take a night cycling tour

You can peddle through the traffic-free streets of Colombo after the sun goes down.

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Day 2 – Bentota


Bentota is the ideal place for a beach break. Located 60km southwest of Colombo it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Lying on an estuary where the river Benthara meets the sea, this fishing town is famous for many things.

Bentota Beach

Bentota beach is one of the most loved beaches in Sri Lanka. With charming landscapes and palm-fringed beaches, it’s a picture-perfect place for a tropical holiday.

You can soak up the sun or take time for some adventure watersports such as windsurfing, jet skiing, parasailing or simply go for a swim.

Visit a turtle hatchery

Sri Lanka’s southwest coast is home to several turtle hatcheries and conservation projects. These centers are mostly done for conservation of marine turtles that comes to the Lankan beaches. Sri Lanka’s beaches are favoured breeding spots for marine turtles.

When you travel fromBentota you will find hatcheries in Kosgoda,and Unawatuna areas.

Turtle hatcheries usually take care of newborn turtle babies and visitors need to make sure not to disturb them. There is no time restriction on how long you can stay.

If you are travelling with kids, this will be something that may interest them. You need to purchase an entrance ticket that is usually reasonable priced.

Richmond Castle

A short drive from Bentota will take you to the magnificent Richmond Castle. One of the top attractions close to Bentota, it is a mansion built in 1896 using unique architectural techniques.

A British architect designed the mansion; interestingly he has used many Indian architectural techniques. The results turned out to be an interesting hybrid of countries.

The mansion was built for a regional governor at the time Arthur De Silva WijesingheSiriwardena. He and his wife occupied the house until they separated and the owner is said to have lived in solitary.

The owners neglected the estate for many years; today it is converted to a nursery and hostel for unprivileged kids.

Brief Garden

A short drive from Bentota will take you to the Brief Garden. It is the house once belonged to Bevis Bawa who was the brother of the world famous architect Geoffrey Bawa.

The house grew popular due to the eccentric artwork that is displayed. Bawa was a landscapist and the highlight of the house is definitely its garden with excessive greenery and very unconventional statues on display.

FaHien Caves

The FaHien Caves are located within the Kalutara District. The group of caves is said to been inhabited by prehistoric cavemen some thirty-seven thousand years ago.

It is the largest natural rock in the Asian region. The FaHien Caves are also recognized as the most ancient pre-historic human settlement found in Asia.

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Day 3 – Yala


After enjoying the beachside, we take you to the wonderful wilderness of Yala National Park. Yalamaybe the second biggest national park in the country but in terms of visitors it’s definitely number one.

The park is separated into five sections and only sections 1 and 5 are given access to the public. The other parts of the park are reserved for research purposes and documentary film shoots.

Yala National Park is considered the best place in the world to spot leopards. During a safari, you have a chance of sighting these beautiful creatures from the cat family.

Many visitors choose Yala safari from the twenty-two national parks in the country with the hope of spotting these majestic wild cats.

When to visit Yala

Yala is open all year round apart from September where they close for maintenance. However, the best period is the dry season, which runs from February to June where you are most likely to see more animals.

You must also remember that due to Yala’s popularity, the park gets pretty crowded during the peak months. During the rainy season, animals don’t come out much so make sure to avoid going during heavy rainfall.

Yala Safari experience

For Yala safaris, there are two times to enter the park. The early morning time slot is 6 am and the afternoon time is 2 pm.

Due to the large crowds, you need to get to the gate by 5 am for the morning safari. If you stay close to the park it will be easy to get there early.

Yala National Park is home to a variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. You can spot up to 44 mammals and it’s a bird watcher’s haven.

You are likely to come across elephants, Sri Lankan sloth bear, monkeys, spotted deer, sambar deer, jackals, wild boar, spotted deer and leopards during a safari.

Yala has the highest density of leopards in the world.

In terms of birds, you can expect to see crested serpent eagles, peacocks, flamingos, and pelicans. You can also expect to see rare birds such as purple heron, night herons, egrets etc.

Things you’ll need for a Yala safari

Sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap will be useful.

A good camera will give you a chance to capture the best of the wilderness.

During morning safaris, take a sweater since it’s chilly.

Avoid drinking too much of anything before going on the safari since there are no toilets inside the park!

Every safari experience is different so do get your hopes up.

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Day 4 – Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

The soft sound of the winds beckons you with its cascading waterfalls, green valleys, striking meadows, and tea plantations.

Enhanced by quaint colonial buildingsthe charm of a small English village still lingers giving it the epithet ‘Mini England’.

NuwaraEliya is a mishmash of serenity and adventure; it all depends on what you are looking for.

Take a hike!

Spread across the south ridge of the central highland, Horton Plains can be easily accessed from the NuwaraEliya town.

The plains consist of a highland plateau that rises to 200meters high and is covered with forests, waterfalls, and rocks. It comes to an end at the World’s End cliff that has a drop of about 4000 feet.

Waterfall excursions

There are lots of waterfalls in and around NuwaraEliya. You will be lucky to see at least a few of them. Lover’s Leap, Glen Falls, St. Claire’s Falls and Devon waterfall are some of the notable ones.

A little outside NuwaraEliya, close to Ella, you get the Ravanawaterfall which is an important part of the Ramayana trail.

Visit a tea plantation

NuwaraEliya is all about rolling Tea Mountains because everywhere you look it’s all about tea! Sri Lanka is one of the top tea producing countries in the world. And a high percentage of local tea is produced in the central highlands.

NuwaraEliya is where you find lush tea plantations and some of the top tea factories in Sri Lanka.

During a tour to a tea plantation, you can walk through the lush green fields. This is where you can capture the iconic Ceylon tea puckers in action.

Get up close and find out the best leaves you need to pluck to make tea leaves. Take a tea factory tour where you can learn the process that goes into making that perfect cup of Ceylon tea.

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Day 5 – Negombo


On the final day of the Sri Lanka tour package from Kolkata, we will take you to the fishing town of Negombo.

This is the closest major city to the Bandaranaike International Airport, so you don’t have to cut back on sightseeing since it’s a short ride to the airport from here.

Negombo beach

The golden sandy beach of Negombo is an ideal place to chill, take a dip and enjoy watersports. Many hotels are overlooking the ocean so you can simply enjoy your last day with the creature comforts at these beautiful beach resorts.

Try the ample watersports here such as diving, sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. If you are staying overnight head over to the happening beach parties of Negombo.

Visit the St. Mary’s Church

A large population of people living in Negombo is Catholics and Christian. You will notice many churches in the area. St. Mary’s Church is one of the prominent Catholic churches in Negombo.

One of the biggest churches in Sri Lanka, it has a history that dates back to 140 years. St. Mary’s Church is popular not only for its religious value but also for the architecture.

It has taken fifty years to complete the construction of the church and the results are a success. There are religious depictions painted on the ceiling, which is beautiful.

There is a chapel adjoining the church, so if you get there when the main church is closed you can always step into the chapel. The stained glass windows of the chapel are lovely.

Explore the Old Dutch Fort

The pentagonal shaped Dutch Fort built during the 16th century reminisces the colonial ruling times.

Built on a tiny strip of land that runs between the lagoon and ocean, the Dutch Fort is a fine piece of architecture.

The structure of the fort was destroyed when the British invaded and it is said that some of its pieces were used to build the Negombo prison. Don’t have high expectations since only the ruins of the fort are left now.

Go sightseeing on the canal

The Dutch Canal is hard to miss since runs across the Negombo town. Used as a route of transport for trading in the past, today it is only for used for leisure.

The boat tours that starts from the city and ends at the Negombo Lagoon are an interesting way go sightseeing.

Catamaran Ride

The local fishermen are always ready to take a tour on a catamaran. The catamaran (or oruwa as referred locally) is wooden boats with billowing sails.

Negombo’s catamarans are distinct to this part of the island. Usually, a maximum of 3-4 people can ride a catamaran including the owner.

You can take a fishing tour in one of them however they are not recommended for overnight tours. Discuss on the rates before you sail.

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Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Kolkata Option – 02 (6 Days)

To start the Srilanka tour package from Kolkata we take you to one of the most renowned cities in Sri Lanka – Kandy!

Day 1 – Kandy


The UNESCO World Heritage Site and sacred city of Kandy is considered the hill capital. It is the second biggest city in Lanka and the gateway to the opulent hill country.

Home to the sacred tooth relic of Buddha it is surrounded by the serene Sea of Milk, the Kandy Lake.

Kandy was one of the strongest and the last Sinhala kingdom of ancient times. Standing steadfast against the repeated attacks from the Portuguese and the Dutch, the kingdom was restrained only the British in 1815.

It is right to say that there is no other city in Sri Lanka that carries such rich cultural and historical heritage that spans over 2500 years.

Kandy is home to the most sacred DaladaMaligawa (The Temple of the Tooth) and other religious and historical sites, rich traditions, cultural monuments, the most famous botanical garden, and unique Kandyan cuisine.

Exploring Kandy

The Temple of the Tooth is the most sacred Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. Buddhists around the world come here to worship the sacred tooth relics of Buddha.

The temple that stands overlooking the Kandy Lake is a beautiful sight. The temple is usually very busy with non-stop visitors.

The sacred tooth relic is kept securely in a guarded room and is never taken out of its golden casket. You are only shown the gold casket during pooja(prayer and offering) times everyday.

The Royal Botanical Garden

Sprawling at 60 hectares of land, the Royal Botanical Garden is the most celebrated in Sri Lanka. This garden had once been reserved only for the royal family but after the British invasion, it was open to the public.

The beautiful orchid patches, spice gardens, and the palm tree avenues are the highlights not to miss. Drop into the National Herbarium of Sri Lanka attached the botanical garden.

Udawattekele Sanctuary

Located within walking distance of the Temple of the Tooth, Udawattekele Sanctuary had once been a retreat for the Kandyan royals. Later, it was converted to a sanctuary and bio-reserve in Sri Lanka.

The sanctuary is spread across 100 hectares of land and there are 80 animal species found here.

Cultural shows

Acrobats, spins, twirls, drumming, graceful animal movements, and fire walking are all part of the Kandyan cultural shows.

The shows depict different forms of Kandyan dancing which was once exclusively practiced in Kandy, but now it has spread across the country.

The dance acts depict graceful movements of various animals and it dates back to the ritual known as the ‘KohombaKankariya’.

The show ends with a dramatic fire walk, which leaves the spectators awestruck.

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Day 2 – Sigiriya


Your next stop will be another UNESCO World Heritage Site – Sigiriya.

Standing magnificently above the opulent greenery that surrounds the country’s central plains, Sigiriya (Lion Rock) is a spectacular sight to behold.

Soaring at 600 feet above the ground, the rock is often veiled by mist and it is no wonder that locals call it the eighth world wonder since it’s quite spectacular.

Dating back to four thousand years, Sigiriya has once been a magnificent palace to King Kashyapa and the fortress was built to keep his enemies at bay.

The kingdom was short-lived and it was then converted to a Buddhist monastery.

Today, you only see the ruins that are left behind but you don’t need much imagination to understand how grand it had once been.

Today you see and hear of a Sigiriya that is immersed in a historical tale about kings, Buddhist monks, wars, victories, and failed kingdom.

Those who want to unveil the mysteries of Sri Lanka’s history and culture must visit Sigiriya.

Explore Sigiriya

To explore Sigiriya, you need to put in some hard work. You need to climb a (very) long set of stairs to reach the summit.

The best part is that you don’t need to wait until you reach the top to enjoy what’s there. You will pass the amazing frescos, an ancient mirror made of stone that has ancient poetry written on it, and a pair of massive lion’s paws carved on the bedrock of the entrance.

The cherry on top is when you reach the summit!

Entry ticket

The entry ticket to Sigiriya can be purchased from the ticket office located near the main entrance. The ticket counter opens from 6.30 am to 6 pm.

Many visitors don’t realize that the entry ticket covers admission to the Sigiriya Museum.

The museum is open from 8 am to 5pm and it’s always best to tour the museum before starting the climb.

Best time of the day to go to Sigiriya

If you want to go in the morning then get there early (by 7am). This way you can ascend before it’s sunny.  It’s best to skip going up in the afternoon.

Start the climb at 4pm so that you can avoid the heat and sun. If you are lucky you’ll be at the summit at sunset.

How long does it take to climb Sigiriya?

You need to ascend 1000+ steps to get to the top. So the duration may depend on your fitness level too. To climb and explore every nook and corner of the fortress and then descent will take at least 3 hours.

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Day 3 & 4 – Trincomalee


Weather in Trinco

You can expect sunny weather most months. During the dry season, which is from March to August, there is almost no rainfall.

But during the rainy season from September to February especially the last two months of the year the weather can be unpredictable.

Enjoy the Nilaveli and Uppuveli beaches

Many people don’t know that Trincomalee is home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Nilaveli beach is simply paradise and is ideal to swim, dive, surf or go whale watching.

Uppuveli is a pristine beach that remains untouched even with the blitz of visitors to Trincomalee.

Koneswaram temple

The Hindu Koneswaram temple is dedicated to god Shiva. The temple is one of the top sites to visit in Trincomalee.

The temple, which rests on a cliff located inside the Dutch built Fort Fredrick, is constructed with Dravidian architecture.

The serene atmosphere of the temple is a wonderful place to those who seek peace. The ocean surrounds Koneswaram temple and on the way you will pass the popular lovers leap.

Travelling around Trinco

Trinco is a small town. During our tours we arrange a vehicle for visitors to get around. However if you are going on your own, then you can hire a tuk-tuk.

Walking is also an option as long its not sunny. For short distance when you walk you can mingle with the locals.

Day 5 & 6 – Wilpattu


On your final day of Sri Lanka tour packages from Kolkata, we take you to Wilpattu National Park is Sri Lanka’s oldest and biggest national park.

The word ‘Wilpattu’ translated to ten lakes in Tamil and that’s exactly where you find at the park.

Wilpattu has a natural sense of wilderness and it is not generally crowded like Yala. There is dense forest everywhere so you need to do some hard work to spot animals.

What to expect during your safari to Wilpattu National Park?

There is a variety of wild animals in Wilpattu. The best time to spot animals at the park is early morning.

This is the time animals start moving when they hear the jeeps entering. There are more than thirty species of mammals at the park as well as reptiles and birds.

Elephants, sambar deer, spotted and barking deer, crocodiles, wild boar, jackals, water buffalos, monkeys, monitors, and peacocks are some of the animals you can expect to see during a safari.

If it’s your day then you may come across a sloth bear or the elusive leopards!

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