Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Kerala

Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Kerala

Is your mindset on a trip to the Pearl of the Indian Ocean? Then maybe we can help! Our Sri Lanka tour packages from Kerala are designed to give visitors the best experience during their time in the country.

We know how important your holiday is, that’s exactly why we work on giving you the best we can offer. Our tried and tested tour packages give visitors a chance to enjoy their holiday hassle-free.

Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Kerala Option – 1 (5 Days)

Day 1 – Kalpitiya


To make the most of your time in Sri Lanka, you need to arrive a day before your tour begins. Even though it’s a short flight, you still need to relax before heading out!

The first city you will be touring in the Sri Lanka tour packages from Kerala is the naturallyenchanting town of Kalpitiya.

Kalpitiya is a town located in the North-Western province of Puttlam. It’s a beach destination but not your usual touristic hub.

The palm-fringed sweeping sandy beaches of Kalpitiya are some of the best in the country.

Blessed with a rich history and oceanic beauty there’s nothing extraordinary about Kalpitiya, however, it’s the everyday humdrum that makes it so special.

Kalpitiya may not be as popular as Hikkaduwa, Bentota, Galle, and Unawatuna but for those seeking off the beaten track destinations, there’s no better place to go.

We want visitors to see the lesser-known treasures of Sri Lanka and enjoy it before others get there.

When to visit Kalpitiya

For kite surfing the best time to visit Kalpitiya is from May to September. The whale and dolphin watching season runs from November to February. Off-peak is extremely quiet and massively cheap!

Kite surfing!

Kalpitiya is one of the top kite surfing spots in Asia! The consistent strong winds and the lagoon water is what makesKalpitiya so popular for kite surfing.

You need not be an experienced kitesurfer but even beginners have a chance to learn if you can spend a few days there. Several international kite surfing competitions were held in Kalpitiya.

Whale and dolphin watching

In the northern section of Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya is the best for spotting whales and dolphins. You are sure to see pods of playful dolphins and minke whales are sighted frequently.

The cherry on top would be to spot sperm whales or blue whales.

Diving in Bar Reef

Bar Reef is the largest and the best-preserved reef in Sri Lanka. Located 2km from the coast of Kalpitiya, it was declared a marine sanctuary.

Bar Reef is rich in biodiversity and it is home to a vibrant coral reef, tropical fish, and other sea creatures. This is a top dive site in Sri Lanka so make the most of it!

The beaches in Kalpitiya are usually isolated unless there are special events. You can longe under the sun or take a plunge.

Head to the Kalpitiyaharbour in the morning to see the fisherman returning with the day’s catch. This is the best place to buy the freshest seafood ever!

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Day 2 & 3 – Sigiriya


On day two we take you to one of the most sought after sites in Sri Lanka – Sigiriya!


The ancient rock fortress, Sigiriya is dubbed as the eighth world wonder. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most dramatic sites in the world.

Rising above the central plains of sunny Lanka, it’s possessed with a magnificent history that has attracted millions of travellers from around the world.

It is one of the most celebrated cultural sites in the country. The palace was once a thriving royal palace and fortress during King Kashyapa’s kingdom.

Back in time

Sigiriya was a short-lived kingdom by a king guilty of patricide. King Kashyapa murdered his father to claim the throne,as he was not the direct heir.

His father was King Dhatusena and his mother was his concubine, which is why he had no hand at claiming the throne.

After claiming the throne, he lived in fear that his half brother would return from India to claim the throne, which was rightfully his.

His own people did not accept him as the king and looked down for the crime he committed, his rejection lead to further weary.

The rejection and the fear drove him to build such a strong rock fortress protected from all sides and at a height that is hard to reach.

Not only was the palace completely covered but also the entrance moat was infested with crocodiles.

The king made sure the use of an advance water supply system. This ensured that the royal family was supplied with sufficient water to drink and keep the gardens freshly green.

Discovering Sigiriya

To take a complete tour of Sigiriya, it will take up to 3 hours. The ideal time to begin the ascent is early morning or towards the evening when it’s not sunny. During weekends and full moon Poya days the site is very crowded.

Since you need to climb narrow stairways the crowds become a bit too overwhelming. The climb is not as strenuous as it looks but anyone with a decent level of fitness can get through it.

Our tour guides will assist you to get a better understanding. You can also purchase a guidebook that gives further clarification.

What to expect

Before you start anything make sure you have a ticket to enter! The first part of the climb doesn’t have much interesting things to look at but you will pass a set of gardens.

It’s more about getting used to the steps, getting a head start. If you go during a sunny time, make sure to wear sunscreen, wear sunglasses and a hat. Also keep yourself hydrated.

The entrance to the fortress is where you can rest a bit. There is a pair of massive lion’s paws at the foot of the stairway. You need to pass 1200+ steps to get to the top and that’s the icing on the cake.

Sigiriya Museum

Your entrance ticket covers a tour of the Sigiriya museum. It’s located outside the main entrance and we recommend you to do a tour before climbing.

The museum has a lot of interesting and informative thing for you to see. You will see pictures of the fortress in a better form and historical information.

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Day 4 & 5 – Ella


On the final day of Srilanka tour package from Kerala, we take you to Ella. The quaint hamlet of Ella is a jewel in the hill country.

The village is surrounded by lush green countryside. Nested at thousands of meters from the sea level, Ella is a place of hilltops, waterfalls, and adventure hikes.

Over the years Ella has attracted a large population of backpackers from around the world. If you are planning on connecting with backpackers thenElla is your place!

Ella is an epitome of serenity, there’s rarely any traffic, no rush or commotion! You can enjoy your time in Ella at your own pace.

There are so many outdoor activities and the trek to Little Adam’s peak is one of them. It’s an easy trail with the hike taking up to forty-five minutes.

The complete hike will take 2- 3 hours and you can even do it without a guide. Once you climb down, enjoy a refreshing king coconut!

The Nine Arch Bridge is a popular spot that created an Instagram craze! It is a massive rail bridge built out of cement and stone without any steel.

It’s a top tourist attraction that is worth visiting and don’t forget to take the epic #NineArchBridge capture.

A short drive from Ella will take you to Ravana Falls. This magnificent waterfall is located on the main road and many people stop here when passing by.

People bath in the pool of water below the falls but it’s best to avoid since the gush of water pressure becomes strong at times.

Located not too far from the waterfall is the Ravana Caves. It is part of the Ramayana trail in Sri Lanka.

The Ravana, Sita, and Rama love triangle is an epic tale from the Ramayana, which will give you an insight into the caves.

According to the legend Queen Sita was hidden in this cave when her husband came from India to rescue her from Ravana.

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Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Kerala Option – 2 (5 Days)

Day 1 – Negombo


Negombo is the closest main city from the Bandaranaike International Airport. So it’s the most convenient place to start Sri Lanka tour packages from Kerala.

Negombo is a town that offers a specimen of all Sri Lanka’s attractions – the ocean, the Negombo Lagoon, a bilingual and multicultural community.

Located within a short drive from the city of Colombo it gives one a chance to experience the ultimate Lankan holiday.

From religious shrines to waterways and remains of the colonial times, Negombo has something for every traveller.

Getting there

The distance from Colombo to Negombo is 38km so if you drive it will take up to 2.5 hours on the road.

You can go in a private car or use public transport for your trip. If you use the expressway you can reach Negombo in a maximum of 1.5 hours.

Old Dutch Fort

The remains of the pentagonal shaped Old Dutch Fort built during the colonial era is an interesting attraction.

Do not expect to see an architectural masterpiece since there is a very limited amount left in the once elaborate fortress.

Today, certain sections of the Old Dutch Fort are taken in as part of the prison.

St. Mary’s Church

A vast majority of the residents in Negombo are Christians and the town is even fondly referred to as the little Rome. St. Mary Church is a beautiful catholic church dating back to 140 years.

It is a sacred house of prayer that is visited by thousands of believers every year. The architecture of the building and the paintings across the ceiling and walls are unbelievably captivating.

There is a chapel as well for devotees who visit when the church is closed; this too is elaborately adorned with stained glass paintings.

Negombo Fish Market

Negombo has the country’s second-largest fish market. You will have to rise early to catch the action that goes on here.

You will be able to witness a typical Sri Lankan fish market with fishermen and fishmongers in colourful sarongs and straw hats trying their best to sell the day’s catch.

You will see an interesting variety of fresh fish in different sizes. Remember to dress appropriately and wear suitable shoes.

The market is going to be crowded, loud and of course the stink of fish!

The beach

The Negombo beach offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy watersports. You can snorkel, dive or take a fishing trip. The waves are perfectly balanced making it perfect for experienced surfers and newbies.

You can also try jetskiing, waterskiing and wakeboarding. If you are looking for something a bit more slow paced, try boating, sailing or fishing.

Catamaran Ride

There are various catamaran ride tours organized through hotels and independent operators. You can enjoy fishing along with onboard dining during your trip.

Day 2 – Kandy


After an action-packed day in Negombo, we set out to the hill capital – Kandy!

This is the second biggest city in Sri Lanka and it is referred to as the cultural capital. Home to the most sacred Buddhist temple DaladaMaligawa (Temple of the Tooth), it is a city that you fall in love with instantly.

Kandy has some interesting activities for the whole family. Here are a few things you can look forward to,

Learn more about the city

If you are interested in culture and history then Kandy is the best city to explore. Home to the sacred tooth relic of Buddha, the city holds a significant position in Buddhism.

The city offers a selection of amazing attractions such as religious sites, botanical gardens, spice gardens, tea fields, local handicraft factories, and cultural sites.

Visit the Sri DaladaMaligawa (Temple of the Tooth)

The Temple of the Tooth is where Lord Buddha’s sacred tooth relic is preserved. The Sri DaladaMaligawa is the most sacred Buddhist temple and pilgrim site in Sri Lanka.

Buddhists living around the world visit this ornately designed temple. The sacred tooth relic is kept in a gold casket that is protectively kept in a guarded room.

There are specific times that one gets to take a glimpse of this holy vestige. During the annual Perahera (procession) the tooth is paraded around the city on the back of an elephant.

Sixty-five elephants parade on this procession and it is considered the largest and the most significant in the country.

Stroll around the Lake

Kandy Lake known as the ‘Sea of Milk’ is located at the heart of the city. Built during the reign of King Sri WickramaRajasinghe it highlights the beauty of the Sri DaladaMaligawa.

Despite being at the heart of the city, the Lake exudes a sense of tranquility when taking a stroll. There are boat rides on the lake, which are ideal for the whole family.

Drop into a tea plantation

Sri Lanka is one of the top tea producing countries in the world. You will realize that the hill country is where majority of the tea is produced.

When you are in Kandy, there is a chance for you to go visit a tea plantation to understand the process that goes into creating Ceylon tea.

One of the most popular plantations in Kandy among visitors is the Giragama tea plantation, which is within a short drive from the town.

You can learn the process of tea making and enjoy a refreshing cup at the end of the tour.

The tea museum will give you a glimpse into the history of Ceylon tea and other interesting details. You can buy some nice tea based gifts to take back home.

Go to the Peradeniya Botanical Garden

The Peradeniya Botanical Garden is a located with 15 minutes from the Kandy town. It is one of the two major botanic gardens in Sri Lanka.

The royal family of Kandy owned the botanical garden during which only the royals could enter the garden.  Once the British invaded, it was open to the public viewing.

Traditional Kandyan dance acts

One of the best things to do at night in Kandy is watch a traditional dance performance. The Kandyan dance acts include acrobats, pirouettes, drumming and fire walking so it’s not only about dancing.

The performers wear striking outfits and the items are quite long.

Day 3 – Yala

Yala national park

Sri Lanka is blessed with an abundance of wildlife and natural wonders. There’s no better place to experience the country’s wilderness than at the Yala National Park.

Here’s why our next stop in Sri Lanka tour packages from Kerala, is the incredible Yala!

Yala National Park is among the oldest of the 22 national parks in the country. Covering 1300 square kilometers, Yala is home to a unique range of ecosystems.

Yala is the perfect habitat for a variety of endemic plant and animal species.

The park is recorded to have the highest number of leopards in the world so you have a good chance of spotting these majestic mammals during a safari.

Yala is recorded to have 40 species of mammals and myriad of birdlife so there’s much to look forward!

The best time to go on a Yala safari

February to September is considered the best time to visit Yala National Park. During the monsoon season from October to January is the time you need to avoid.

Yala wildlife safari experience

Yala National Park offers one of the kind safari experience. You can expect to see the gentle giants of Lankan wildlife – Elephants as well Sri Lankan sloth bears, sambar deer, spotted deer, jackals, monkeys, mongoose, and a range of reptiles and birds.

Blessed with abundant of birdlife Yala is one out of the sixty Important Bird Areas allocated in Sri Lanka. There are 215 species of birds found in Yala out of which six are endemic to the country.

Interestingly Sri Lanka’s tallest bird the black necked stork and the biggest bird lesser adjutant resides in the Yala National Park.

Best time to take a safari

Yala National Park’s opening hours are from 6 am to 6 pm. For the best sightings head out when the park opens in the morning.

This is when the animals are in their natural habitat and wake for the sound of the jeeps coming in. Evening time is also great for sightings, especially for leopard watching.

Yala is pretty crowded most of the time so it’s important to visit at the right times to get the best experience.

Day 4 – Mirrisa


Mirissa is a small town located in the southern coastal tip of Sri Lanka. This is another great location to experience Sri Lanka’s wildlife – in the ocean!

Whale watching in Mirissa

Come, learn, click the biggest creature in the world, the gentle goliaths of the ocean. Mirissa is famed for some of the finest whale and dolphin watching sites in the world.

Mirissa is located on the southern tip of Lanka and it’s location near the continental ridge brings it closer to the migration path of whales that prefer warmer water for breeding and the Indian Ocean is the perfect temperature.

December to April during the annual breeding period is when you whale watching season is in it’s peak.

Take an exciting tour on a comfy boat to sight different species of whales and of course playful dolphins. You have a chance of sighting 26 types of whale species that are documented in this part of the world.

The list of water sports you can enjoy in Mirissa is endless. You can anchor at the bays and go snorkeling or swimming.

Mirissa is also ideal for surfing and kayaking. You can hire watersport gear from the rental shops along the beach. If you prefer not to get wet then try deep-sea fishing while you are there.

Day 5 – Colombo


On your final day of the Sri Lanka tour packages from Kerala, we take you to the largest city in the country – Colombo!

Colombo is the commercial hub of Sri Lanka and here are some of the things to enjoy in the city.

Visit the national museum

The National Museum of Colombo is housed in a colonial-style mansion in the heart of the city. Established in the 18th century, it holds artifacts from different eras in history.

You get artifacts, paintings, carvings, and sculptures from the country’s ancient times. The royal throne of King Wimaladharma and other royal artifacts are some of the highlights of the museum.

Galle Face Green

You can watch the sunset at the Galle Face Green, which overlooks the ocean. This is a popular spot for families to spend time flying kites, playing, and enjoy yummy street food.

Shopping Spree

Colombo has the best shopping malls, department stores, and the biggest street market in the country. If you want to do some last minutes shopping – this is your place!

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