Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Hyderabad

Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Hyderabad

Are you looking for Sri Lanka tour packages from Hyderabad? Then we’ve got you covered. Our tour packages are designed to offer visitors the time of their lives in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Hyderabad Option 1 (5 Days)

Day 1 – Negombo beach


The little Rome of Sri Lanka – Negombo is a cozy coastal town located close to the Bandaranaike International Airport. It is the town that visitors stopover after a flight or before departing.

It’s the perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy yummy seafood. Negombo beach serves all the usual watersports such as diving, windsurfing, diving, kitesurfing, and sailing as well as deep-sea fishing tours.

Fish Market

Negombo fish market is the second-largest market in Sri Lanka. Locally it is called the ‘Lellama’ in Sinhala. To get a feel of how Sri Lankan fish markets work, head over to the Negombo fish market.

You need to wake up by 5.30 am and head to the market! The stench is not going to be pleasing but after a while, you get used to it. If you are planning to buy fish, there will be a great variety to choose from.

You see the fishermen coming out to the shore with their day’s catch. Take your camera when going because you can capture some nice moments here.

Old Dutch Fort

The Dutch Fort was built in 1644, it mostly stands out due to its unusual pentagonal shape. The fort was built on a narrow strip of land in between the lagoon and the bay of the sea.

The Fort had had a very earthly feel to it and was described as a ‘fine defensible structure’ by a prominent governor at the time.

The fort was damaged during the British era and some of the stones were used to build the Negombo prison.

Today, only a very little is left of the majestic Dutch fort it once was. Don’t have high expectations since it’s only the ruins of the Old Dutch Fort that you will be able to see now.

Canal Ride

The Dutch canal is a waterway that runs through the Negombo town. It functioned as a supply route during the Dutch administration.

Today, the refurbished canal includes a suspension bridge for pedestrian crossing and boats to catch rides. There are multi-coloured lights that make it a picturesque sight after sundown.

You can take a tour of the town on the canal. The canal boat tour passes through the town and ends at the Negombo lagoon.

St. Mary’s Church

The majority of people living in Negombo are Roman Catholics of Christians. There are many churches in this area but St. Mary’s Church is prominent due to its history spanning 140 years and the beautiful architecture of the building.

The construction of the church had taken nearly fifty years and the results are remarkable. There are beautiful murals on the ceiling depicting the religion, which is beautiful.

If the main church building is closed you can step into the chapel. The stained glass windows on the chapel are unique and beautifully done.


Try the fresh seafood dishes in Negombo. There are plenty of seafood restaurants in the town and close to the beach. Try the local prawns, calamari, and crab dishes!

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Day 2 – Sigiriya


Your next stop on the Sri Lanka tour packages from Hyderabad is the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Sigiriya.

Sigiriya is an ancient royal palace and rock fortress during King Kasyapa’s reign in Sri Lanka. It is a significant archeological monument that attracts thousands of visitors annually.

Sigiriya is called the Lion Rock since it was carved in the form of a lion. Today you only see the paws of the lion. The rock may have resembled the Thunder Cats headquarters but completely carved out of the rock.


Sigiriya had been the biggest and the most multifaceted construction in ancient Sri Lanka. Today, only twenty percent of the rock’s original form is left behind.

The ruins are enough evidence to show the splendor and magnificence of this rock complex. Visitors are unable to fathom the fortress’s glory and grandeur and how magnificent it would have been thousands of years ago.

Sigiriya has been a place of beautiful murals, water fountains, royal pools, exciting pavilions, and lush foliage. The ancient murals of the Sigiriya damsels are very popular and they assumed to be the king’s concubine.

Sigiriya was built during the 3rd century during King Kashyapa’s reign however his kingdom was short-lived. After the king’s demise, the palace was given over to Buddhist monks as a monastery.

However, in the 14th century, the palace and fortress were completely abandoned.

Exploring Sigiriya

To thoroughly explore Sigiriya, it takes 2- 3 hours. The best time to climb Sigiriya is early morning or late afternoon when it’s not sunny. Try to avoid going on weekends and the Poya holidays since it gets crowded.

There is a narrow stairway and when it’s crowded, people start pushing and nudging which is not the most pleasant experience.

There are 1200 steps to reach the top. The climb is not as exhausting as it looks and you even see elderly people walking up. You can go on a guided tour or simply purchase a guidebook.

During our tours, the T2 Travels Sri Lanka guides will help you get a better understanding of the monument.

What to expect

You can keep your expectations high! The entrance to the fortress is extravagant where you need to enter through two massive lion paws. It takes up to 2-3 hours to complete the tour.

On reaching the summit, you will be happy you put in the effort to climb.

Sigiriya Museum

The Sigiriya museum is located outside the main entrance. The entrance ticket covers a tour of the museum and the best time to go is before you start climbing.

There are interesting details of the fortress and pictures of Sigiriya.

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Day 3 – Kandy


Kandy is the gateway to the hill country. It is the most blessed city in Sri Lanka and home of the most sacred Dalada Maligawa or Temple of the Tooth. The serene Sea of Milk – Kandy Lake surrounds the second biggest city in Sri Lanka.

During ancient times, Kandy was one of the strongest kingdoms. It is the only kingdom that remained unshaken by the Portuguese and Dutch invasions.

After standing steadfast, the kingdom only subdued to the British in 1815. The city has a rich culture, traditions, and heritage that goes beyond 2500 years.

Kandy was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the significant religious and historical sites, cultural monuments, and rich traditions.

The Temple of the Tooth

Dalada Maligawa or the temple of the Tooth is the most sacred Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. Located overlooking the serene Kandy Lake it is one of the most amazing places to visit.

The sacred tooth relics of Buddha are preserved in a golden casket in the shape of a stupa. This casket is kept securely in a guarded shrine room.

Visitors are given a chance to see the casket three times a day when the shrine room is open for pooja (prayer and offering).

The sacred tooth relics of Buddha are believed to protect the country. If you visit outside of prayer time you can explore the temple.

Udawattekele Sanctuary

After visiting Dalada Maligawa, you can walk to the Udawattekele Sanctuary. It was once reserved for the Kandyan royal family to enjoy the greenery.

In later years, it was transformed into a bio reserve and sanctuary. Spread over 100 hectares, the sanctuary is home to eighty species of animals.

The Royal Botanical Garden

The Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya is minutes from the Kandy city. This is one of the top attractions in Kandy. Spreading across 60 hectares, it was once the royal garden reserved only for the noble royal families.

After the British took over the city, it was turned into a botanical garden and made open to the public. There are orchid gardens that are blossoming with different coloured orchid patches.

The palm tree avenues are ideal to click some Instagram worthy clicks. The spice garden harvests traditional local spices. The national herbarium of Sri Lanka is also attached to the garden.

Tea plantation

Sri Lanka is one of the top tea producing countries. The majority of local tea is produced in the hill country. When you visit Kandy, take the time to walk through emerald tea plantations and visit a tea factory.

The Giragama tea plantation located within minutes of the town will give you breathtaking views and leave you mesmerized. Take a tour of the tea factory and learn the process of making a perfect cuppa.

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Day 4 & 5 – Bentota


Bentota Beach

It’s no secret that Sri Lanka’s southern coast is home to many beautiful beaches and the Kalutara beach is one of them.

Surprisingly the Kalutara beach still manages to retain its tranquility without being overly crowded even during the holiday season.

Ideal for diving, snorkeling, fishing or taking a plunge, it is also ideal to lie down and soak up the sun

Kande viharaya temple

Kande Viharaya is a Buddhist temple located in Aluthgama, close to Bentota. The words ‘kande viharaya’ translates to ‘temple on top of the mountain’ – the name is derived from its location.

This sacred temple was founded by Ven. Karapagala Dewamitta thero under the guidance of Ven. Udugama Chandrasara Thero and Ven. Dedduwa Dhammananda thero.

Established in 1734, the temple sees hundreds of devotees every day. In 2006, a gigantic Buddha statue was unveiled here, and it is the tallest Samadhi Buddha statue (seated Buddha statue) in the world.

At 48 meters high this golden colour statue is truly a serene sight. The temple is surrounded with a large Bo tree and you find a relic chamber, a dagoba and for devalayas (shrine rooms) dedicated to Hindu gods.

When it is less crowded, the temple is ideal to get some spiritual relief away from the hustle and bustle.

It is one of the most visited religious sites in the area and one you must not miss if you are travelling in that direction. Many visitors travel to Kalutara since it’s the closest seaside town on the southern coast.

Richmond Castle

A short drive from the Kalutara town will take you to Richmond Castle. Even though it is referred to as a ‘castle’ it is a mansion built on a forty-two-acre land.

Built-in 1896 by a regional governor turned philanthropist it is seen as one of the best architectural works at the time in this part of the world.

Designed by a British architect who has incorporated Indian architectural techniques into the design.

This interesting hybrid of countries has created a unique piece of architecture that has to be the admiration of locals and tourists alike for decades.

There are advanced architectural techniques in the mansion such as a natural air conditioning system, which allows fresh and cool air to enter the living room through a tunnel.

Apart from the architecture, there is also a sad but interesting story about the owner’s life.

The governor and his wife who were blessed with the worldly luxuries were unable to enjoy the joys of becoming parents therefore their marriage has failed and the owner has said to lived a life of a hermit away from his estate till his death at the age of fifty-nine.

The estate was given to charity and today it is transformed into a nursery and hostel for underprivileged kids – giving it the sounds and laughter that it once longed for many years ago.

Mask museum

There is a privately owned mask museum managed by an eminent family from Ambalangoda, which is a half an hour from Bentota. It is located on the Colombo Galle road.

The entire area includes the mask museum, a showroom, and a mask-making workshop. The museum is very interesting as well as educational.

There are several masks on display with descriptions about each of them. All the available masks have been handcrafted and the intricately carved with colorful designs and painted in vibrant hues.

You can even buy them from the workshops and you will be spoilt for choice since there are plenty of designs.

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Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Hyderabad Option 2 (5 Days)

Day 1 & 2 – Ella


On the first day of Sri Lanka tour packages from Hyderabad, we take you to Ella. The charming village nestled in the central highlands one of the most sought after locations in Sri Lanka.

Surrounded by green valleys and mountaintops, waterfalls, and adventure sports, Ella is a place that captivates you instantly.

When you start the tour from Ella, it will give you a completely different vibe from other parts of Sri Lanka.

This vibe is what has started attracting backpackers around the world to this little hamlet.

Ella exudes an aura of serenity with no traffic jams, no haste, or commotion! The hamlet is surrounded by green countryside. The town is set above thousands of meters above the sea level.

You can experience and enjoy Ella at your own pace.

Hike to Adam’s Peak

This is the most popular hike in Ella. The trail is easy and you can complete the hike in 2 or 3 hours. After the hike refreshes yourself with some king coconut water.

Nine Arch Bridge

Did you know that Nine Arch Bridge managed to create an Instagram trend? This leads many nomads to come to Ella specifically to click the iconic #NineArchBridge capture.

The Bride is huge and is constructed entirely out of cement and stone without the use of steel.

Ravana Waterfall

Within a short drive from Ella will take you to the Ravana waterfall. Cascading beautifully the Ravana Ella is located on the side of the main road.

There is a very nice atmosphere around the waterfall and many local and foreign travellers stop by to enjoy the wonderful site.

Ravana Cave

Located not too far from the waterfall is the Ravana Caves. It is part of the Ramayana trail in Sri Lanka.

The Ravana, Sita, and Rama love triangle is an epic tale from the Ramayana, which will give you an insight into the caves.

According to the legend, Queen Sita was hidden in this cave when her husband came from India to rescue her from Ravana.

Cookery classes

There are private cookery classes conducted in groups for those who are interested to learn the art of local cuisine.

Sri Lankan food is unique and is not merely about the everyday rice and curries you hear about. You can take part in a cookery class and learn the art of creating the best traditional Lankan meals.

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Day 3 – Mirissa


After the cooling comforts of the hill country, we take you to the southern tip o your next day of the Sri Lanka tour packages from Hyderabad.

Imagine yourself getting into a hammock with a king coconut on your hand and rocking gently as the sea breeze gently touches your face. Let the days slip by very slowly and calmly – This sums up your Mirissa experience.

Mirissa offers one of the best beachside holidays. Located within the Matara district its one of the best beach getaways on the southern coast.

Similar to Ella, the beachside hamlet of Mirissa was also not so popular a few years ago. But today it has become the number one location to enjoy the pristine beaches.

Mirissa beach

The palm-fringed Mirissa beach is ideal for relaxing. You can inhale fresh air and relax while sipping a coco-nutty cocktail.

Relax for hours end without being disturbed by vendors selling all sorts of clothing and knickknacks.

When the high tides come it is great for swimming and once the beach dries up, then it makes way for beach volleyball.

There are few trees giving shade to visitors. The bars and restaurants scattered on the beach also use the trees to give them shade.

When the water becomes too shallow for swimming, people enjoy sipping a cool drink and relaxing

Whale and dolphin watching

Mirissa is most popular for whale and dolphin watching excursions. It is the best place on the south coast to watch these magnificent creatures.

The peak season for whale watching is from December to March. You have a chance of spotting magnificent whales and pods of playful dolphins.

If you go during this period, there is a definite chance of spotting whales or dolphins.

Parrot Rock

The Parrot Rock is a small island along the beach in Mirissa. You can easily reach it by walking through the water. When the tide is high it comes up to the waist but you can still power through.

Parrot Rock is the best place to watch the sunrise and sunset. It’s also very romantic in the evenings and perfect to spend with your better half.


Surfing is one of the best things to do in Mirissa. Ride the idyllic waves of Mirissa beach and if you want something a bit stronger, head to Weligama.

Kayaking is popular in Mirissa and you can try deep-sea fishing too. Fishing trips are done 8 miles off Mirissa beach. You can hire fishing boats with or without assistance.

There are much big game fish found in these waters.


Eating can be considered a fun activity if there’s relishing seafood like in Mirissa. The list of seafood restaurants in the area is endless and most of these places serve fresh off the boat meat.

Prawns, crabs, lobsters, and squid are the most popular.

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Day 4 – Galle


On the fourth day of the Sri Lanka tour packages from Hyderabad, we take you to the next World Heritage Site on the trip.

Galle is one of the most prominent cities in the south coast of Sri Lanka. It is home to the 300-year-old Galle Fort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The fort is the prime attraction of the city and it is very well preserved. Locals generally take a quick trip to Galle during a long holiday.

Foreign travellers come here and fall in love with its beauty and decide to move into the Fort permanently.

Galle Fort Experience

The Galle Fort is an exceptional archeological site in Sri Lanka. It was built by the Portuguese and further expanded by the Dutch in the 17th century.

It’s an amazing combination of history and architecture packed into one beautiful beachside town.

Gall Fort has created its own culture. Today it’s not only about the historic value. The cobblestone streets of the fort are lined with fancy restaurants, quirky lifestyle boutiques, and beautiful villas.

It has also become popular as a place that hosts artistic events such as international level literary and musical festivals. The tropical-western vibes of the fort are what makes it even more fascinating.

Most of the foreigners living inside the fort are designers, writers, painters, poets, and photos.

There is a special warmth when you go inside the fort and it feels like you are far away from the busy street of city life.

Things to see in the Galle Fort

Galle Fort Lighthouse – This is a functioning lighthouse that’s ideal to take photographs.

Ramparts of the Fort – take a long walk along the Galle Fort ramparts in the evening. Watch the sunset and be mesmerised.

Explore the cobblestone streets of the Fort and visit,

-Dutch Reform Church
-All Saints Anglican Church
-Meeran Mosque
-Sudharmalaya Temple
-Maritime Archeology Museum


Galle is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Some of the best beaches in the south are located within the Galle district. Here are the breathtaking beaches you can visit within a short drive from Galle.

– Bentota beach
– Hikkaduwa beach
– Mirissa beach
– Unawatuna beach
– Koggala beach
– Ahungalle beach

Scuba Diving

The plethora of colourful marine life on the south coast makes it the ideal place for scuba diving.

Explore the offshore reefs and come face to face with some of the most beautiful sea creatures of the Indian Ocean. Dive sites are suitable for all levels of divers from juniors to advanced divers.

Diving is one of the best things to do in and around Galle. You find many exciting shipwrecks in the beaches such as Koggala and most of them are within range for recreational scuba divers.

This is will be ideal whether you are travelling in a group, as a couple or solo. An experienced guide will accompany you especially if you are not an experienced diver.

A short ride on a sea boat from the shore will take you to some great dive spots!

Kite Surfing

Get your adrenalin pumping with an extreme watersport like kite surfing. Kite surfing is a mix of windsurfing, wakeboarding and paragliding wrapped up into a single exhilarating package.

In Sri Lanka’s southern tip you can find schools that work on teaching kite surfing from amateur level.

Many public beaches in the country have kite surfing options so if you are ready to pump some game then head to the nearest beach.

This is one of the best watersports to try out during your time in Galle.

Day 5 – Colombo

Colombo b3

On the final day of the Sri Lanka tour package from Hyderabad, we take you to the commercial capital and largest city – Colombo!

National Museum

The National Museum is located in the heart of Colombo. Its definitely one of the must-see sites in the city.

Sri Lanka has a history that dates back over 2500 years so you can imagine how interesting the museum will be. Built-in 1877, the museum has a variety of artifacts from different periods in history.

There is a gallery of ancient art, sculptures, and carvings. You also get a display of ancient machinery, sword, weapons, and equipment on display.

They royal throne made for King Wimaladharma is also displayed at the museum. Kids will enjoy looking at the massive skeleton of a blue whale.

Pettah market

If you want to do some last minute shopping then head to Pettah market. It is the busiest marketplace in Colombo and it is crowded most of the time.

You will find anything and everything under the sun here. The best time to avoid crowds is to go on a weekend day morning around 10am. That’s when the shops open and crowds gather.

Apart from shopping you also get glimpses of colonial architecture here.

Visit the Galle Face Green

If you looking to relax before you go then make your way to the Gall Face Green. It’s located in the heart of the city so it’s impossible to miss it.

The beach overlooks a massive piece of land that is used for recreation. Families come here to fly kites, stroll, and play games. You get vendors selling toys and other knickknacks here.

You also find a variety of street food from isso wadey, kottu, hoppers, and types of rotti sold here.

During early mornings it’s great to go for a jog before starting the day. In the evening you can watch the sunset!

So if you are planning your holiday from Hyderabad to Sri Lanka contact T2 Travels Sri Lanka to get Srilanka tour package from Hyderabad.

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