Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages From Bangalore

Looking for Sri Lanka honeymoon packages from Bangalore? Here is a 2 Sri Lanka tour packages for travelers who are coming from Bangalore.

Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages From Bangalore

Option 1 – 5 Days

Day 1 –Sigiriya


The city, where you can explore art and sensuality. Sigiriya has been a leading decayed kingdom that has known as a flourished monarchy centuries back.

It has many historical and cultural sights to stop by to admire and get the best pictures and satisfaction for your holidays.

Highlights in Sigiriya

  1. Visit the Sigiriya Rock fortress on a sunset or a sunrise
  2. Taste the best spicy local meals during the tour.
  3. Stop by the at the famous Dambulla cave temple.
  4. Minneriya is the best place to visit to spot a largest number of elephant gathering.

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 Day 2 – Kandy


Kandy is where the heart of Sri Lanka is.  Kandy shelters the most valuable heritage and cultural significance of the island nation.

Producing dynamic cultural, historical, and natural significances to the tourists arriving from everywhere in the world, Kandy has everything to please your romantic stays by adding it love and immense comfort.

Highlights in Kandy

  1. Visit the temple of Tooth.
  2. Get some pictures to add your wedding album at the Royal Botanical Garden Kandy.
  3. Enjoy the best memories at the Kandy city tour.
  4. Buy some inspiring souvenirs to gift your family and friends.

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 Day 3 – Nuwaraeliya

Nuwara Eliya

Time to refresh your days and thoughts. Let’s proceed to the little chilling mountain town known as the “little England” in Sri Lanka.

NuwaraEliya offers unforgettable memories to everyone who would love to cuddle amid the comfort clouds, those crowning the highest points of lush mountain valleys.

The breathtaking waterfalls play the finest melodies of love throughout the year by setting cinematic effects to your romantic diaries.

Warm-up your days with freshly made Ceylon teacup, which surely adds the best flavors and warmth to your cold feelings.

Highlights in Nuwaraeliya

  1. Get the best shots of famous waterfalls.
  2. Get amaze by the never ending tea plantations cover the whole city resembling a green carpet.
  3. Stop by at the holly temples of Seetha Amman and Sri Bhaktha Hanuman temple.

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Day 4 –  Bentota


Bentota is a worldwide celebrated beach destination allied to the down south coastal line in the teardrop island of Sri Lanka.

To explore the scenic beach spots, thrilling water sports, delicious seafood recipes, and pensive viewpoints on the beach, Bentota is the best place to visit.

Bentota is a decent beach town is also connects its visitors to the best sights and scenes produced by the down south beach arena that belongs to the paradise island.

The cozy hotels and the mesmeric beach spot attract the thousand of travels from worldwide.

Highlights in Bentota

  1. Get the best picture during your river safari session at the Madhu River.
  2. Enjoy the fish foot therapy.
  3. Take the romantic picture at the scenic sunset times.

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Day 5 – Colombo


End your romantic trails with a touch of bustling town experience. Colombo is the best place to visit if you are looking for a diverse amount of celebrated restaurants, shopping arcades, gift centers, and many more.

Colombo city tour is also ready to serve you a dynamic experience with a mix of colorful cultural diversity and a series of historical values.

Colombo has surely a lot to add to your most awaited holiday, where you will not be tied in exploring the famous attractions in Colombo.

Highlights in Colombo

  1. Proceed with the Colombo city tour.
  2. Buy the best shopping items during your stay in Colombo.
  3. Try out the famous restaurants in Colombo and enjoy a romantic candle lit dinner.

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Option 2 – 4 Days

Day 1 – Galle


The stylish capital where the sensation and harmony lay in the finest shapes of cultural, historical, and natural landscape features.

Have you ever thought about a romantic pose that you can picture at the world-famous Galle Fort with your better half to preserve forever?

Dawns and dusk at the Galle fort are the most fascinating to capture in your camera lenses also to your naked eye. With the oozing cultural elements, mouth-watering restaurants, cinematic scenes you will never feel isolated in this little magical town.

There are a number of attractions that can name as the must-visit. Among them, the famous Rumassala height that is also related to the Ramayana legend is also a significant one.

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Day 2 – Yala

Yala national park

Why someone should not skip Yala from the travel plans during the most exciting holiday? Yala is one of the most celebrated national parks in Sri Lanka and so as in the world.

Yala is such a worthy place to visit for the exotic wildlife and geographical values it offers for everyone who would like to explore this scenic natural destination.

The soothing wind and the tranquil landscapes of course will be comfortable throughout your stay and ready to offer you an unforgettable experience for your romantic diaries.

During your stay in Yala, don’t forget to miss out on the charismatic sensations created by Kirinda beach.

Highlights in Yala

  1. Enjoy the famous Yala national park wildlife safari.
  2. Stop by at the scenic places in Kirinda beach point.
  3. Get the blesses from Sri Kathiragamam temple.

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Day 3 – Ella


Ella is known as the heavenly hideaway in Sri Lanka centered amid the greenish mountain heights that embrace the sky and nourish the spectaculars of the waterfall series.

It has a lot of climates, geographical and cultural features to adore your days. Everywhere you see is full of green parades that take you to the extreme of freedom, solace, and romance.

Ella is the best place to get away from the bustling and rustling world and create your own space for yourself and your favorite one.

Ella is a place that makes you feel blessed to be, find yourself by connecting you to nature.

Highlights in Ella

  1. Discover the scenic summits at the heights of Ella Rock, 9 Arch Bridge and the Mini Adam’s Peak.
  2. Enjoy the best swimming spots at the mesmerizing waterfalls.
  3. Learn about historic places in Ella related the epic Ramayana legend.
  4. Stroll amid the greenly tea plantations and take the memorable pictures.

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Day 4 – Negombo


An ideal beach location to conclude your romantic explore in the paradise island. Right next to the Colombo international airport, Negombo has situated around 20 minutes in convenient proximity.

There is a lot that makes you fall in love with this beautiful, stylish coastal beauty. The number one is the scenic sunset in Negombo. The finest romantic place to behold the fading sun hand in hand and whisper the melody of love.

Another celebrated fact about the Maldives is the delicious freshly cooked seafood dishes and their varieties that would make your stay unforgettable.

Strolling on the beach road would serve you a perfect experience, where you can find out the best coffee stations and the gifts shops.

Highlights in Negombo

  1. Visit the famous Brown’s beach.
  2. Stop by at the historical monuments constructed during the Dutch colony.
  3. Taste the best sea food dishes.

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